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I'll switch to decaf later



I was watching the movie


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i was watching tom and jerry on cartoon network and was suprised that it had allusions to a sexual relationship between a rooster and tom the cat.

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You loose all of your pens because people like me accidentally clepto them. ;-)


See, but i also do that :lol:


I just think maybe its a karma thing. If you buy a pen you'll loose it but if its not really yours it'll hang around for a while.

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Wooooow! :2thumbs: good chapter! I've been wondering when Allan would return into the story. Seriously though....Dom, you're great with twisting plotlines, but this must be one of your best. I haven't reas TOSOM btw :P All related, all conflicting, all confusing, all exciting! :great: I'd be waiting for more!





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