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Anger Management: Party Of 1



Ah now everyone here and comfortable? too damn bad!!


So what can you do when you feel like a bomb thats dangerously close to exploding? I've found that well placed glares work best.


and the best part? The madder you get and hold it the more menacing the glare gets until people are struggling to get away from you.


Now before you say anything I know you shouldnt keep your anger in and its harmful to your health and all that other crap.


I just wanted to maintain my little piece(peace) of mind for just another minute or two. It's not my fault people dont know what to say out their mouth


and all one really needs is a murderous expression, a bad attitude and an acid tongue to put everyone on red alert.


and the fun part is i enjoyed it immensely. I was tired of the bullshit and the drama and I called for a stop. It's been alot calmer in here since then and as


quiet as a mouse.



You are now talking to the newest automobile citizen in MD. at least i will be by saturday. now i cant wait. I got like 10 places lined up already for where


I will be going once they give me that License and nobodys gonna stop me.


And what is up with the use of lines in relationships. I'm not even in a relationship yet and i got lines to limbo under :wacko:


Ok I can understand that you want to keep it professional but we both know we like each other and we both know exactly how much.


Lines annoy me very much. I like a challenge but damn dont set the challenge in the red just yet. besides lines are meant to be broken :devil: .


But anyway I will keep wearing down th use of lines. I'm flexible so they arent that hard to get around.


Oh!! Why do people insist on talking during damn movies!?


I went to the movis on Friday with a group of friends( i wanted to go with him but he was going with his friends to see Sex and The City, but turns out he didnt go :( )


btu anyway we went to see The Strangers and while i'll admit starting the movie 20 minutes late was a good reason for everyone to start talking, being scared by a guy in a mask is no reason for anyone to talk for over an hour and a half. SERIOUSLY. and who the hell takes little kids to the movies at 12:30 AM to see a damn horror movie anyway?


somebodies kid was about to get F*cked Up in that theater while sitting next to me. He talked and yelled and kicked me once, and I somehow ignored him by some force of


greatness, but the other idiots couldnt be ignored. There was lots of movie dialogue that was missed cause those stupid its would not shut their flapping gums. now the


movie wasnt all that bad, but i did feel like reaching out and touching a few people for all the talking that was done. let this be a lesson. and that glare does work at movie


theaters and on wriggling little children too. It's almost like it's a superpower!!



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