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Is... Is this thing on?



hmmm, feels strange to be back after so long.


But I did make it back. Wow.


I guess this is the part where I come back and start talking about all the extra time I've had to get chapters written and revamp stories and such but it's not gonna happen.


I did manage to get a bit more cynical and acerbic though. That's one thing I managed to work on, along with gross humor and quick wit.


So anyway I finally, FINALLY finished my last class in mid June not even 4 days before graduation, and I walked at graduation with all my friends and we had fun. then I got a call 2 weeks later saying that I have not met my Grad requirements. So I call to check up on this and all i get is that my final grade in one class was an overall 50%. So i log in to see what I got on the assignments. Assignments- 84-92% on all assignments. 45-52% on threads( why are these weighted heavier than the midterm????) and exactly 50% on both the Final and Mid-Term. Now, I don't place much belief in coincidence but it seems awfully coincidental that I got Exactly 50% on both major exams for th class. and absolutely no one finds anything wrong with this?? REALLY??


So after forcing myself to be diplomatic I have to retake this sham of a class which I am f**king livid about and I have to choose another to make 6 credit hours in order to receive federal funding to pay for the classes. Joy... not.


Job hunting is pretty much going. I've been searching for a job since mid- April now and I'm starting to feel a little down about it but I'm gonna keep looking. there things I've become accustomed to and I don't have the monetary funds to make it happen. It's absolutely not cool and annoying at the same time.


It's hot. as shit. that is all.


and there's no reason Metro costs almost 5 bucks for a one way trip. that's a bus ride and a train ride. that's out of hand. I pay too damn much money to Metro to have no air, constantly late buses, and trains, broke escalators and elevators, and a russian roulette of am I going to be robbed and shot on Metro tonight. The last is always a toss up, and yes Metro really is that bad at night in some places.


** On a side note, I know the guy mentioned here

and he's still mad at me cause I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Especially counting he actually did work for Metro and they denied him like that. I'm actually laughing as I type this.


Ok so on the story front I have no clue what I'm going to do but as of right now Aeon is in danger of being removed. Um, uhh, hmmm. Pretty Articulate huh?


Uh, I can't really stick to one topic long enough right now to make a new point so I guess this is it. For now...


For now... :sheep::devil:

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