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Grease monkey or cat?



Have you ever had an animal under the hood of your car? Had someone asked me that yesterday, I would have said no. However, if I said no to that question now, I would be lying. I left my house around 2 and went to Missouri. Before I left, I noticed a kitten crawling underneath my car. I thought nothing of it. I put my key into the ignition, turned it over, and let the engine roar. Once I arrived at my destination, I heard a distinct meow, one I had heard before. So, I open the hood, and nested on the right side is a kitten. I was afraid to touch it, because that kitten was rather wild. I asked my cousin to help get the kitten out. At first, the cat was in fairly good place, but then my cousin's dog decided to investigate. Thus, the cat decided to go back down into the part where the transmission is. Finally we got the kitten to land on the ground beneath the car. I fired the engine, and the kitten ran away, presumably to be eaten by my cousin's neighbor's dogs. :lmao:


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Lol, never heard of a cat going into a engine bay. Once I opened my dad's car hood found a mouse quickly closed the hood fired up the engine, gunned it :P

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Terry Pratchett in his book The Unadulterated Cat talks about these kinds of Felines. The kitten was clearly hitchhiking, but being a cat expected you to know to stop and feed her periodically. Or maybe she was trying to ask when you'd be continuing on your way, since she hadn't yet gotten to her destination.

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Things under the hood of a car hmmmm.


Keep in mind these are the same grandparents over a period of 15 years, And the first one was when they lived about 25 miles from the nearest town.


1. A Raccoon made a home under the hood of one of the cars that wasn't used often at the lake place. It chewed apart 2 wires and punctured 1 radiator hose, I hope it got a good amount of anti-freeze.


2. In Texas, About 5 years ago, Grandma and grandpa had some wild outdoor cats they fed to keep around so they could watch them, Grandpa was old and he enjoyed it :S Anyway, they found it was safe under the hood of the car and decided to make a "nest" there.


3. Last winter in Texas, IDK what animal it was, whether it was mice or rats or if it was the possum she had seen by her car several time previous, But there was a very large nest under the hood of her car, All dried twigs and leaves and candy wrappers and such. It's a good thing I found that when I did, Because it was all dried stuff and almost touching the exhaust manifold. That was a Car-B-Q waiting to happen.

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