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One of those surveys that starts on Viv's blog and eventually makes its way to mine



Are you tan?

Goodness no! I'm naturally a very fair-skinned person and I'm obsessive about skin care/health. Tanning is a really bad thing for someone like me to do to their skin.


I occasionally use moisturizer with a subtle tanner in it, and I think I have a decent 'glow/colour' thing going on (I'm in good health), so I don't have the pale goth look either.


Do you use proactive?

Nope, like I said, I take good care of my skin and I'm lucky to have nice skin anyway.

Do you own chanel perfume?

I'm a boy, so no.

Do you shower daily?

Unless I bathe instead, and even then I usually conclude the bath with a shower.


Do you go to the tanning bed?

Wouldn't be found dead in one


(I don't mean to sound judgmental though. I personally don't advise tanning beds, but I'm all for people doing what they want, and I definitely wouldn't criticise someone for going to one)


Do you wear nail polish?

I've worn nail polish. Either black (once) when I was having fun with a punky emo look, or on a few occasions a discrete clear after a manicure. It's definitely not something I do on a regular basis though...although unfortunately manicures aren't something I do on a regular basis anymore, and if they were I'd probably get the clear nail polish every once in awhile. In any case, unless I'm going for that extreme freaky look, I don't want people to say 'oh look he's wearing nail polish', just 'oh look what nice nails' which may be aided by nail polish.


Do you use MAC make-up?

Nope, I do use a little Cover Girl foundation every once in awhile (about once a week, maybe twice) when I'm going out, but again the point isn't for people to notice that I'm wearing make-up, just to think how nice I look, which again might be aided by a discrete amount of make-up.


Bottom line: IF I'm wearing make-up or clear nail polish and you can tell then it's too much.


Do you straighten your hair everyday?

Used to, don't anymore. It's too much of a hassle and I'm generally letting my hair take a break from dying and straightening right now....instead I just use crazy intense conditioner and like 4 or 5 products to try to get the straight look without the iron :/





Name all your best friends:

Errr, that's nosy. I'll just name my real-world best friends and no internet friends, not because I don't value the internet friends a great deal, but because if I name any it'll feel like a stupid popularity contest or something.


So: Scott, William, Jesse, Megan, Rocky, Steven, John, Claire, and Amanda are my closest friends. Also Luke, but Scott, John, William and I are all having some rough times with him just now. I hope/think/assume we'll get over it though.


Is the term Best Friends a label or promise?

Gonna steal Viv's answer: I think it's a relationship and a commitment. I try not to label anything...


Do you have more than 1 TRUE best friend?



Do you hang out with your friends every day?

NO, I'm an extremely social person, but I'm also an extremely solitary person. It's sorta two polar opposites that both need representation for me to be happy and balanced. So at least some days I need to be alone and have some space.


What is the longest you have been in a fight with your bff?

My 'bff'? LOL, I would never use that term! I also don't tend to get in outright 'fights' with my friends, neither physical nor even serious verbal ones in which we actually separate angry at each other.


As I said I'm going through some complicated, difficult times with Luke, but even that isn't really an open disagreement, just a tense undercurrent.


The last time I remember having an actual "I'm angry with you and I don't want to be around you" kind of fight was with Claire our senior year of high school...then we got all emotional and we hugged and made up in a Waffle House. :lol:


Is it easier to talk to your girl friends or guy friends?

Uhh, gay guys or lesbians are the easiest. I like the extra 'comfort' of lesbians, but I also like the extra slight playful layer that comes with gay guys. Would be hard to pick between the two.


I'm usually pretty comfortable around straight girls too, but not to quite the same extent in most cases.


Straight guys are just unfathomable to me in most cases :blink: We usually get along ok, but they're generally not people I form meaningful relationships with.


In any case this all just a general description but it totally depends on the person and situation. I could easily be much closer and more comfortable around particular straight guys and totally ill at ease around particular gays/lesbians/straight girls. So you never know.


Would you ever date one of your close guy friends?

Unlikely...I care about them too much to date or mess around with ;)




Do you have style and originality?

It's kinda one of the things I'm known for.


Do you own a designer handbag?

Of course not!


If I were a girl then of course I would, but as a guy I would never carry a purse/handbag.


Do you own something from Lacoste?

I've used and liked their cologne, don't have any right now though.


Do or did you wear leggings?

God no!


Is the color you'll never wear yellow?

Nope, I like yellow...haha, just realized I'm wearing it now actually. My favourite colours to wear are Blue, Red, and Green


The colour I would never wear is pink, because I think it's a hideous colour in general. I'm unlikely to wear orange because it's not a very good colour on me.


Do you get fashion tips from magazines?


Do you shop at Abercrombie and Hollister?

Yes...but I'm really not a clone, I prefer boutiques or more off the wall styles usually. If I'm being lazy and don't feel like putting together an original outfit I might just throw on some from those two or other popular chains (American Eagle, Express, etc.). I do like the clothes they have, and I like wearing them, but as I said I often like to look a bit more different or unique.


Do you wear sweats a lot?

Only if you consider 'never' alot :lol:




Are you a movie freak?

Not really. I'm a fairly average movie enthusiast.


Have you seen over 10 movies in the past month?

I don't think so; I've been way too busy. I wouldn't object to seeing over 10 movies in a month if I had the time.



Do you have a show that you must watch?

I don't watch TV

Do you watch The Hills on MTV?

I don't watch TV

Have you ever seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy?

I don't watch TV

What is your favorite G Rated movie?



Do you like classic movies?


Do you watch 30 or more hours of tv a week?

I don't watch TV


Do you own over 100 dvds?



Is Law And Order awesome?

I may have said this...I don't watch TV



Do you watch baseball on tv?

You're really not paying attention are you?


Who's your favorite baseball player?

Chipper Jones


Do you play basketball?

Ohh, fun stuff! Haven't in far too long.


Do you watch it on tv?

Not going to bother answering this one.


Do you swim?

Sometimes when I'm alone


LOL, that sounds weird. Um, I don't like to swim in the first place because it usually requires scant amount of clothing and heavy amounts of sun exposure. As I said, I tend to avoid sun exposure. If I'm going to be in the sun I prefer wearing lots of clothes. I save my scantily clad times for indoor activities ;)


That said, I like playing in the water, so sometimes I do it at night or in indoor pools. BUT I can't actually swim and I'm a tad self-conscious about that fact, so I only do it if I'm not around people I know, and ideally if I'm completely alone (which sounds dangerous, but I don't put myself into situations in which I might drown).

Last time you were in a pool?

Uhh, maybe two months ago one night (when I was alone).


Are you good at volleyball?

Yes, actually I am :)


I love it!


Is soccer cool?

Totally the coolest!! It's absolutely my favourite sport! God, I want to play again! EUGHH, it sucks that all my friends are non-athletic gay boys :P (or non-athletic lesbians/straight girls....ohhh, is this why people like straight guys? :lol: )

Do you like to run?

If I'm playing a game or in a hurry or something. Sometimes I do jog even when I'm not in a hurry because I tend to have a lot of energy and even when not in a hurry I like to get where I'm going a bit more quickly :P


But no, I don't purposely make it a point to run for its own sake in most cases.


Are you in shape?



Favorite sports team?

The Yankees


Last sporting event you attended?

Last month myself and several friends went for a walk in the park and we watched a baseball for awhile that happened to be going on.


Do you like all types of music?

I like most types of music


What about rap?

I like poppy rap with clever lyrics.

Have you been to more than 5 concerts?

Oh goodness yes!!!


Do you like Panic at the Disco?

Love 'em


Are you constantly downloading music?

I'm not in a constant state of downloading music, and actually lately I tend to just buy the CD or watch the vid on youtube, but yeah I do download music.


Favorite Rock band?

Hmm, gonna go with Three Days Grace, but it's a toss up between them and a whole heap of other rock bands.


Favorite local band?

Blue October. They started in Houston :)


What is the current song on your myspace page?

Given the non-existence of my myspace (or facebook) page it rather precludes having a song doesn't it?



Do you have more than 1 sibling?

Full siblings no, but I do have two much younger half sisters that I wouldn't recognize if I saw.


Are you closer to your mom or dad?

Very close with mom. Fairly polite, almost non-existent relationship with dad.


Do you like your living arangements?

I love my living arrangements. I live on my own, which is great for the whole me liking my space thing, and I really like my place and my location :)


Do you wish you could move?

Yes, and I will. LOL, might sound weird given my above answers, but there are so many places I want to live that I don't want to hang around here too long.


Do your grandparents spoil you?

Totally! I'm pretty tight with them too :)

Do you have any step parents or siblings?

Uh huh, a step-mom I've met in person about three times, and those two half sisters.


How many cousins do you have?



Which of your relatives lives the farthest away, and where?

My dad et al, and that would be Virginia.




So that's it. Additionally, I have a question to include.


When it's your birthday and you blow out the candles... do you actually make a wish?


I do, but since not aging is impossible it doesn't come true :P:lol:


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For a moment I considered scuttling off with this to my own blog - until I realized most of my answers would consist of one or two words. Not really much point in filling it out, then, is there?


Cool answers, though, Kevin!

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I tan twice a year, the sun gives me natural vitamins. Yes/No to the other two hundred questions.

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Cool for reading, Kev Kev! :)


I won't fill it in either, because I don't know some words in the questions, which makes it hard to answer... :P

(I mean things like proactive, MAC make up, bff, Never been to an Abercrombie & Hollister, ... :P The list continues )

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Thanks Niels :)


"Proactive" is a brand name. It's an acne medication


MAC is also a brand name make up.


A "bff" is a "best friend forever"


Abercrombie & Hollister are of course chain clothing stores.

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