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  1. Happy Birthday, hun! (hug)

  2. Silence is not always golden! Happy Birthday!

  3. Hey honey! Looooong time no talk, but Happy Birthday!

  4. Bandage

    Chapter 3

    Loving the story so far! Any chance you'll be continuing it beyond 6 chapters?? I'm sure a lot of us will enjoy that
  5. Whaaa Marvelous story! You excel in every genre you try - it's amazing I really did like the setting - will you be using it for another story?
  6. Oooooh action chapter! I like it! Hehe, you totally got me on a wrong track, back when I thought I saw the budding relationship! But I don't mind that at all Anyway, can't wait to read on! Keep the muse flowing
  7. And find out we did! Geez, poor Dade! You do have a way of torturing your characters, lol! I loved the chapter, I suspect it was a rather hard one, with all those emotions aso... Keep on writing pretty please! ♥ And have fun on your camping trip
  8. Cliffie!! Jeez! Loved the chapter, please keep on writing!
  9. Wheee! I love it! Poor Dade - being attacked like that! Anywho - do I sense something growing?
  10. Adverse Effects Wheeee! Another story by you, Cia! I'm already loving it - having read The Experiment (of course ) you can already feel close to Dade, but even without reading the previous story, you are immediately hooked! Only thing was the transition from dream to reality - I had to reread to be sure where it happened.. Other than that it read like a train! This most certainly asks for more!
  11. Heeeeey-ya!

    1. Cia


      Hi honey! How're you?

    2. Bandage


      I'm good! Just a bit tired ;p

      And how are you? Long time no hear! :'(


  12. Hehehe, closing it off with a hot chapter! I'm glad you'll continue writing about them though! Can't wait to see who'll be your main character! Ah, and sry about not writing earlier, but I was on a wee vacation :3 And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one using this thread! Hehe!
  13. We sure did find out! Raauwtccch!!! Quite the sexy chapter *cough* Can't wait to read on
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