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walking penises



So, this whole ignoring my cold thing worked until yesterday, when it pretty much knocked me on my ass. I


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LOL! Ok. I know how your dad feels. My niece is just 12.... her measurements??? 34-24-34. Perfect hourglass figure! I told her IF her mother (my sister) EVER let her date, I'd be there with a shotgun! Men are walking penisisisisisisis.....

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Sounds like a Karloff movie, "Attack of the Walking Penises!" Lock up your daughters!


Yes and leave those Walking Penises attached to Hotties for we Gays:)


I am with you Dom telling your sister to send some your way (hopefully the Hot Gay Walking Penises and while you are at it, share as many as you can with your loyal devoted Gay Male readers:) ok, for the str8 women, the str8 Walking penises that your sister rejects get sent their way:) equal opportunity for all:)


Your Dad is funny and sounds like what my Dad used to tell my sisters....not that they listened..ever!!!



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Oh, shot down by both of your children, LOL. I know what he means by walking penises. A few weeks ago, me and some of the guys were just hanging out in the lounge watching TV (this was a tuesday, so parties were up the wazoo), then of my floormates walks through with a girl in tow, and he's obviously three sheets to the wind. He said to us "I got another one," as if she wasn't there. The worst part was she looked at us, giggled, smiled, and continued to follow him to his room. Dom, your sister sounds smarter than that, but DAMN that girl has got to have little, if any, self-respect and/or dignity...

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Haha, I'm sure your dad was hoping you'd say something like that Dom :D


He said to us "I got another one," as if she wasn't there. The worst part was she looked at us, giggled, smiled, and continued to follow him to his room. Dom, your sister sounds smarter than that, but DAMN that girl has got to have little, if any, self-respect and/or dignity...

I know what you mean rknapp, my flatmate met a guy that lives in our building a couple of days after we moved in, and he apparently said to her the first time they met something like 'I'm going to f**k you by the end of the week' (even though he has a gf he said he wasn't going to leave) and instead of being annoyed, she slept with him that night...I don't understand some females.

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You know, boys are not alone in being highly charged at that age. Cyndi Lauper's right on the girl front.


If I was going to warn a girl about college boys, it wouldn't be to warn them against their sexuality. It would be to warn them that all the boys are young, some are dumb, and many haven't had a decent social, sexual, or emotional education. So she has to be prepared to provide the smarts and the knowhow, just in case.


Something I told my kids is that sexual gratification comes free: you've got it in your own hands, and you don't have to put up with any garbage, or do anything stupid or hirtful yourself, to get it. That knowledge allows you to be a decent person, to relax and get to know other people as people, and to accept sex as lagniappe when it happens in a good context.


The only difference between girls and boys in terms of sex is that there are some extra potential consequences for managing your sex life badly. The urgency is all the same. (there are some different tendencies in sexuality, too, I'm not denying that, but those vary so much from indiviudual to individual that the overall gender differences are only interesting in a statistical way and don't help much in making everryday decisions)

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:lol: haha a friend of mine went into school as a giant penis for halloween... puts so much to the perspective, doesn't it? he was voted "best costume" then got kicked off the stage by an administrator... (lolz man... if i can only find that picture of him right now... he was quite the walking penis alright... he was using his balls as shoes...)
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Student Suspended After Wearing Penis Costume



October 20, 2005


STEILACOOM, Wash. -- A Steilacoom student is fighting a decision by school officials to suspend him for three days after he appeared in an inflatable penis costume outside another school's homecoming dance, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.


Pioneer Middle School student James Watkins bought the costume last weekend and later showed up outside a dance at Steilacoom High School wearing the outfit.


His parents described Watkins as a straight-A student, an athlete and a "good kid" who made a mistake. They said the three-day suspension, along with a sexual harassment citation, are too severe.


"He wasn't even on his own school grounds," said Mark Watkins, his father. "Poor decision, I agree. Disciplinary action? I agree. I think they went way too far."


"The thing I felt was wrong was that they weren't giving us any rights for a first offense," said Lori Watkins, James' mother. "I don't like the sexual harassment on there. That really bothers me."


The family has spoken with representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union about possible legal action in the case.


District officials said they disagreed, but wouldn't talk about the incident because of student confidentiality.





This just goes to show that it doesn't pay to be a dick.

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