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That about sums everything up in a nutshell. I've been hella frustrated as of late, my writing is at a stand still. I spend weekends mired in Family crap, and the week over burdened at work, because three people assumed the middle of August was high time to quit with out giving any notice. I want to scream but realize that is counter productive. to top everything off my F'n libido has chosen now to kick into high drive. :pissed:


The most difficult thing is I have been so set in my ways for the last decade that I have no idea where to go to meet people. It just seems like every avenue I try has a "not a through street" sign I somehow disregarded at its entrance.


The club was interesting, I got groped--probably as that "It's 1:45am and I have no one to go home with!" realization hit the owner of the hands that assaulted my chest. Outside was little better with the guy that was rocked off his ass looking for his 'friend' with whom he 'traded' his car keys and cell phone for a cigarette. Also I was blissfully unaware that a green lighter meant you are 420 friendly... Ah the enlightenment one achieves outside of a gay club at 2 in the morning.


I blog'd 30 past prime awhile back. I was apparently wrong because no one is willing to pass a second glance if you are over 25. I don't look thirty, I am well aware of that, but somehow I have become second hand. And was I was too busy being scared / busy to take advantage when I was "prime" and that has me pissed off. Pissed at myself for sacrificing what should have been the best years of my life for something that wasn't worth it, not by any means of interpreting them.


I try to change, but it all seems to little to late, so what is the point?


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It's NEVER easy.... 18, 20, 25, 30 - hell, not even at 39...


BUT it is ALWAYS possible!

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I agree with Trebs 100%.


Hopefully you do know that when your not looking, it will happen. Try not to get your mind wrapped around what you missed and just go out and enjoy the day and you'll be amazed what will come your way.


And I think we all over analyze ourselves whenever we have one of those 'decade' birthdays. There will always be things that we wanted to do, thought we should have done, or felt that we missed out on. It is normal.


BTW, thanks for a informative blog too.


I now know what 420 means ^_^


And you were talking about your heart.....................................right :o

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You're not past your prime dear, you're hot still. You're just more likely to attract men that want something more instead of something sexual as you get older I imagine, so it only gets better. No reason to be frustrated.


And! You've been working your hot ass off as well so writing will probably hit a wall for a bit... no need to worry it happens to everyone. :)

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Steve, living in a desert doesn't help. I'm sure you'd easily find a good man if you moved to the Bay area. You're still a hottie, and I bet they'd be breaking down your door there. B)

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Yeah Steve! I recommend you go listen to Gwen Stafani's "What are you waiting for" and go get out there! :D





Hope you feel better :)

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B) Damn Steve, 30ish and you made it sound like it was 'washed up'. Believe me the washing due is not on your end! I'm pretty sure your rainbow will come in.
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