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The public restroom.



Okay... so I have a problem... and it is a purely mental problem.


I hate public restrooms. First of all, people go to the bathroom and then they do NOT wash their hands, which is very disgusting, so if you are one of those people WASH YOUR HANDS SICKO! Then, they leave the room, and touch the door handle. Ew. Then when I go into the bathroom and I wash my hands (With soap! Just putting here hands under water for a second does NOT clean your hands, SICKO!) and when I leave the room, I touch the handle that that SICKO touched. So then my hands are dirty again. Thank goodness for that hand sanitizer stuff.


People pee on public restroom floors, and if you are not careful you could step in it. EW! I know that those old people can't really aim all that well, but seriously... then sit on the pot or something...


And that brings me to the next thing. Sitting on a public restroom toilet... Never. I refuse. I will hold it all day before I poop in a public restroom. Even with those seat covers. Nope, i won't. Can't make me.


And, to the whole reason of this post: I have a problem peeing in a public restroom if other people are in the room. If I am alone it is fine, but if there is even one other person in there, I block up. Even if I go in there and I have to pee SOO bad, I just cannot. Or if I go in there, and I am alone and then someone comes in... I just cannot keep going. It is weird. But if I concentrate on something else really hard then I can go. Don't ask me why... but I always concentrate on a banana. The color, the shape, or whatever. It is crazy, but it works.



I may need mental help...


That may have been too much information.


Have a good night. Remember to wash your hands. With soap!


Happy peeing,

Kurt :D


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Sometimes, it is best not to think of such things. There are germs everywhere. I think too often people are so worried about germs that they can't live full lives. I hope that isn't the case with you.

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Kurt is bladder shy! No worries I am too, except with out the whole banana thing :blink: Biggest issue I have is starting if someone else is in the restroom. If no one is there it comes easily. I also don't have the whole stoppage thing going on when someone does come in.


Other then that a tip for nasty restroom doors. Use a paper towel to protect your hand from the handle when you open the door. Keeps others crotch crud off your freshly washed ( with soap! ) hands.

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Great Blog Topic :P


I believe the technical, scientific definition for the problem is stage fright :lmao:


Chalk me up as being one of those that have the same problem. Nothing worse than walking up, getting all set up, and then nothing..... I'll have to try the banana thoughts though. The only time that it doesn't seem to be a problem is after consuming lots and lots and lots of alcohol :D


As far as the papertowel on the door, I'm really getting upset with the amount of public washrooms that are taking out the paper towel dispenser and putting in the air dryer for your hands instead. I actually won't use those washrooms. Also, if you do have a paper towel dispenser, put a garbage can by the door.

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I hate public restrooms, or loos as us Brits call them. If someone is in the next cubicle to me I can't pee until they have gone. I hate to think what it's like for you guys who have to stand at urinals.


Anyone ever had to use one of the old style French toilets? A hole in the ground with places to put your feel and a stick on a chain to push **** down with. YUK!


Oh and yes.....people who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. DISGUSTING!



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I remember once, when I was a kid, I was peeing in a public restroom. (I was also wearing speedos because this was a swim meet back in the 90s.) Anyway, I was peeing, and this guy came next to me to pee. But then he left without doing anything. I've been wondering for years why he did that (was it my speedos?), but now I think I know -- he had stage fright / bladder timidity. Thanks so much for this entry, Kurt. You've lifted a horrible weight from my heart.

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