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Dream slowly becoming reality.



I have this project thing from when I was in second grade. On it, I had to answer what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer to that question was that I wanted to be a police officer.


Ten years later I am in school to do just that. For a long time, I didn't think that I would be able to accomplish that goal. I thought that I would never be able to physically cut it as a police officer. A few years ago I decided that I would go to college and get a degree for Computer Networking. I figured that that would be a good career choice, and that I could probably be successful at it. However, I put more thought into it, and sitting in a officer all day in front of computers is just not something that I think that I could do. I think that I would have gotten super bored with that kind of job. So then I was stuck for a while. I didn't know what I should study after High School. I never once thought about not going to college... that would just be stupid. Then I decided that I could do Corrections. I really do think that that would be an amazing and rewarding career. So I had signed up for the Criminal Justice - Corrections program. However I figured that if I could do Correction, then I could do Law Enforcement. The schooling is very similar. So I switched to the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement. I have had about 3 and a half weeks of school so far, and it has been pretty enjoyable.


It will take me two years to get my Associates Degree. This semester I have 6 classes: Oral Interpersonal Communication, Courts and Jurisdictions, Professional Communications, Intro to Criminal Justice, Psychology of Human Relations, and Police Nutrition and Fitness.


The two communications classes and the Psychology class all seem to have very similar points, and the go together nicely. The Courts class and the Intro class have a lot to do with history and the laws and things of our society. The Fitness class is probably my most challenging and rewarding class. This was the class that I was most worried about before I started school, but I can do it, and I like the class.


My life long dream is starting to go into action.


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I have no doubt you'll make a fantastic officer, Kurt. It's wonderful that you've gotten yourself on a rewarding path in life. I hope it continues to make you happy.



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