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I may be crazy



12 units, and 40hrs+ per week.


Okay, so the 40hrs thing may be a bit of a fib anymore. Truth is I am only at work for 6hrs Mondays and I shag my ass out of that hole as fast as I can the remaining 4 days in the work week. Mondays I have a good excuse, 1 class at 2 in the afternoon another at 7 in the evening. I'm still in that whole getting used to the schedule phase. Should be quelled here quickly, as I already have a paper due for my Friday class, and another due for the English class I'm in.


Fun right? Odd thing is, I'm not feeling stressed, I know I will soon with the math class. It isn't my best subject, and I can do it, it just takes a little more work getting my brain wrapped around the concepts. Thank god its the last one I have to take for a bit. I should really take one more, just to have a good cushion for the transfer to UC I want.


In other news...


One of the owners of the company I work for Died suddenly about six weeks ago. Contact with the office has been sparse since then. A host of people come in and sit, watching the activity level in the store. Maybe I won't have to worry about retaining this job much longer.


Granted, I commute to far, and with School it would really nice to not have to worry about work. The downside is, its a job. I have it, and I don't have to bother looking for a new one. However if they sell it, it will be a moot point anyhow... It was time to look for greener pastures years ago. Now it just seems like I'm stuck in some whole f aux noble cause; riding the sinking ship to the very bitter end.




I went and had a physical for the first time, well since it was performed by a pediatrician who mocked my Velcro closing sneakers I wore at the time. No I don't remember the brand, I do however remember they were tan, and had a Kangaroo as the logo. But yeah its been the better part of my life I believe.


Typical stuff I guess, I feared the whole prostate exam. I know its childish, but thoughts of a middle aged guy in a lab coat approaching me with a latex clad, out stretched finger and a tube of lube, dammit it's just scary okay! In reality it was a needless worry, he didn't even go there ( THANK GOD! ) though he did tell me like ten times he was checking me for a hernia. Honestly he only had to say it once...


Turns out I am healthy, though I could use a few pounds. 13 to be precises, according to the doctor. WiiFit says 6 lbs. I should trust the guy who went to school forever over a piece of glorified plastic right? Yes I know I should...


Labs were good, I'm at about the mid-level on everything important. No STD's, HA! knew that before hand, but I guess a validating test is good to have right?


Anyhow back to slicing and dicing a speech by MLK jr.


Catch ya on the flip side,




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