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I FREAKIN' LOVE LUSH!!!! *bathes in angel bath*


Anyway, I agree with you. People only vote for hate because it gives them a sense of authority over the lives of others. It's not that they think that there is A best way of living, it is that they believe that it is THEIR way of living which should be imposed upon everybody else. I guess right now gay people are the easiest target.


Maddy (:

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Hey Sharon! :)


I totally agree with everything you said. If I was allowe to vote, I'd have to write your name in!


Greg ;)

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You're a lot smarter than your avatar looks. Well said my brilliant friend. Look what happens when I slow my writing pace and you actually have some room to breathe. You actually post to your blog.

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My grandma used to say: "Never discuss chocolates or soaps with girls back from a shopping spree or you might lose friends and get bruised pretty badly." So, no arguing over Lindt.


The marriage thing still puzzles me, as my sister (thankfully) never saw her green card resigned because she didn't have kids. So why should guys be prevented from this way of making a citizen? Decades to come will certainly see some change.

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and enough chocolate at Lindt to make ourselves sick

Nice. Although I wouldn't call it feeling sick, just high on Chocolate ^_^

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