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  1. That's also just very much a NYC state of mind. People live their lives very publicly and people have adapted to be oblivious to it. From a couple having an argument in union square as morning commuters just walk passed them to people peeing in the middle of the square outside my brothers office building. From the dad who looks around the subway nervously after his daughter in dance clothes announces she has an "itchy bottom" to the guy master bating onto a tree in broad daylight. It's strange overall but it's also nice to know that a few people are still human in the crowd. Afterall even in NYC every once in awhile someone smiles when you hold the door, instead of surprising ambivalence.
  2. Like Graeme and methodwriter suggested, you don't need to worry too much about it, it's something that will become evident with time. That being said, it is understandable if it does worry you and like any unknown in life that is perfectly normal. Looking back I'm sure it will seem like no big deal, but right now it can be more intimidating. It used to be that college is where people experimented and figured out who they are. These days though younger and younger kids are dealing with these struggles. There are many people on here who say they knew at 7 or 10 or 12 exactly who they were. That is shocking to me, it's impressive in a way as I'm a guy who never really faced that decision/acceptance till my 20s and didn't come out till I was 24. At 30 i do envy some of these kids who know very young and are exploring these things in their teens, but at the same time knowing these things also seems like a big waste. Where is the adventure, where are the experiences and struggles to figure things out. In my opinion it makes the realization so much more rewarding and it's not really the end where life happens, it's the journey. haha, ok that was a lot of babbling platitudes, but the moral is just enjoy life. Do what feels right and as long as you play safe along the way there should be no regrets. Leave the labelling for the historians. In the meantime read stories, chat to people, fantasize and talk to people. There is a chat room here, many members would be glad to talk to you and help you out too, myself included. hope that's a bit of helpful greg
  3. Things on GA are fairly dynamic over time. Both author recruitment and some kind of associated criteria have existed in some form since the beginning of the site. Initially it was probably just myr making the decisions based on what he knew about the authors back when the site was small. Eventually he got a little more help as time went on. When I first joined there was a separate Recruitment team, just like the mod team, tech team (which was mostly joe and myr) and writer support team. Later the whole recruitment responsibilities was rolled over into the WST and was a broader function of the team. Now I haven't been on any teams lately but I believe CIA has been doing a large portion of that job herself for awhile, just one more thing on her impossibly long list of things nobody knows she does .....and now it's recently been split into its own group again, just within the author resource team this time. The list of all team members to contact is always available here and the recruitment team has been listed there for awhile. As for the criteria that is discussed, it may change from time to time, but overall the same general things remain constant. First and foremost is the body of work an author has. How many stories? How long are they, shorts/serials/poetry? How active are they - 1) how frequently do they post stories? 2) how active are they on site (forums, chat, prompts, anthologies, blogs, etc)? Do they have a fan base that follows them? Do they work with a team or alone? Also something to consider is attitude, are they constantly being warned by the mod team? Do they handle feedback well (from team or readers) etc? Everything that can be used, will be used, but in the end the number one thing is the writing. Quality first, then quantity, striving to improve (using an editor, doing prompts, etc), activity, then everything else. Working on your craft is always the primary goal. Being active on site and promoting yourself (there are lots an author can do to 'advertise' themselves) is the next step to get noticed. At some point an author can submit themselves, a reader can nominate or a team member can start a discussion. In time they will be considered and a decision made to promote, wait and watch or not to promote. Many fit into the watch category. There are occasionally very poor writers who need a lot of improvement and in my experience some will never make the cut. This is a quality level site and that is just a reality. Glaring spelling mistakes and poor grammar will never climb above author status. Additionally off site authors are sometimes considered as well. Anyway just throwing a bit of my experience out there, hopefully it helps someone. I'm sure interested authors can ask advice from any member of the author resource team, they have resources to help you and the recruitment team knows how they are judging people on site today. I'd be less useful but I answer all PMs too. greg
  4. Ignoring the actual topic....he's cute...
  5. I often feel that people don't need to hear support because they know me and thus already know what I think, but then I remember they don't live in my head. Moderation is always touchy. No matter how it goes someone, if not everyone involved, always feels wronged. Even the moderators hate having to make some dicisions. Also it's vaguely like an e-spanking on a largely adult site... As someone who has been involved in moderation issues, I am eternally thankful to the site staff. Their actions often protect, diffuse and promote the privacy of those involved. It is a huge relief for many that their issues don't become social gossip. Actions against plagerism are often disclosed on the site for several reasons. For one, there is no two sides to plagerism, it's usually very cut and dry. The person involved probably won't become a target as they have not disclosed any real personal information. Lastly it reminds us all to be vigilant about checking our stories for plagerism and keeping watch for our friends as we surf the net. These situations often have a lot of rumours around them because we all want to know, heck I'm curious. On the other hand though I know how valuable that discretion can be not only for the one moderated, but often any "victims" associated with it. So it's one of those times we just have to respect the silence and trust the staff are doing what we hope they would do for us. So thank you to the staff who make these hard choices! greg
  6. I didn't participate in either anthology, but as I haven't in several years I can't say it was for a specific reason. I did consider doing the spring anthology but it just didnt happen. When I do, I usually write the entire story the night before its due. It's completely ridiculous but that's how it is. The proof team addition means the submission date is earlier than it would have been in years past. Regardless I didn't finish one, either due to lack of inspiration or my being out of town at the time. As for the existence of the new submission procedure I have mixed feelings. On one hand it's always good to get more feedback and another set of eyes to spot mistakes. As entries should be edited before submission anyways though, I feel it is a lack of faith in the wonderful editors we have on this site. I am extremely grateful to those who have helped me in the past and thus would never be in favour of anything that could possibly offend them. That being said, I also understand that many entries can have minor issues and with the anthology e-books in the works it is proactive of the wst to have these checks done now, instead of when they start to create those collections. shrugs
  7. Perhaps a drop down menu to select posting delays would be handy? You could select anything from the system minimum 'every other day' or 'every 3days' through 'every week' or 'every Thursday' to the more extreme 'once a month' might be nice, might be useless....just a thought.
  8. Myk


    Nice start, keep going!
  9. Myk

    Lost for words

    One fag (smoke) may not make a difference but a mother can sure make what time you have left a living hell.
  10. Awesom show. Can't wait for season 2 marathon!
  11. This is so wonderful, thank you so much, we love you!
  12. Site specific chapter sounds like a good idea. It might have some crossover with the marketing section though. Also your point about things always changing is very true. In a way that is why I suggested it. The guidelines used now to select hosted authors is somewhat different than the criteria we used back when I was on the wst. It helps and guides authors who are interested that site participation, writing activity, having a good working relationship with an editing/beta team and attitude can all play important roles in being offered hosting. At the same time though I can see reluctance to spend a lot of time making chapters that will be outgrown quickly. either way just part of brainstorming. Anyway I'm not sure i have much to offer this project but if so let me know. g
  13. Interesting... I might suggest that the fourth part be the second part though. You want to know which sections you have permission to use and what you are needing early on. Anyone volunteering to submit material is inherently giving permission. Only the already written articles, posts and blogs need retrograde permissions. Could also include a "how to get hosted" section? Idk.. good luck! g
  14. Sadly it often is a game of chance if you get the right doctor or not. Glad you found the answer and are on the mend!
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