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  1. That's also just very much a NYC state of mind. People live their lives very publicly and people have adapted to be oblivious to it. From a couple having an argument in union square as morning commuters just walk passed them to people peeing in the middle of the square outside my brothers office building. From the dad who looks around the subway nervously after his daughter in dance clothes announces she has an "itchy bottom" to the guy master bating onto a tree in broad daylight. It's strange overall but it's also nice to know that a few people are still human in the crowd. Afterall even in NYC every once in awhile someone smiles when you hold the door, instead of surprising ambivalence.
  2. Ignoring the actual topic....he's cute...
  3. Myk


    Nice start, keep going!
  4. Myk

    Lost for words

    One fag (smoke) may not make a difference but a mother can sure make what time you have left a living hell.
  5. Awesom show. Can't wait for season 2 marathon!
  6. Sadly it often is a game of chance if you get the right doctor or not. Glad you found the answer and are on the mend!
  7. I'm not entirely sure why people are still taking my negative points joke seriously, but maybe I should post that we should all be cheery and nice and I will get a bunch of likes. Moving along.... could also do themed rankings for say holidays or change them up to keep it fresh every now and then. ie halloween pumpkin skeleton ghost jack the pumpkin king etc xmas elf reindeer Rudolf santa mrs clause (for all those with a wife, admit it, you know who wears the pants ) blah blah, this stuff serves a site purpose but otherwise is boring. So maybe keeping it fresh will keep some interest in it....
  8. Myk

    Chapter 1

    Well, you flatter me. Thanks for the kind words and even more so the feedback! I doubt I will rewrite this again (I already did to remove first persons Pov from the beginning part), but no doubt that will influence things I do in the future. Thanks again!
  9. If anyone bothered to read my original post where I used 'unlike' instead of 'dislike', they would see that comment was tongue in cheek, or more literally ' ' . On the other hand though, bullying can be done in many ways and usually comes as hurtful words, -1's don't seem so hurtful to me. In addition a dislike button would allow other members to curtail written bullying through the use of this system. Plus if it was posted with your username like kc said it would be less likely to be abused. So it's not the system, it's how it's used. I thought I remembered one from somewhere, forgot it was here. I wasnt very serious, but if it was marked with member name like you said I wouldn't object at all. Hmmm...maybe you are right, buttons are bad! If you have to choose between 'like' and 'comment' are you less likely to write a comment? Maybe the like button is suppressing actually useful and treasured feedback. I would definitely not complain if all buttons were removed from stories...forces readers to leave a few words to show support and hopefully positive and constructive criticism too.
  10. No no, I mean something more like dislike button then. I mean a -1. For one thing these numbers are getting super inflated, plus some really dumb or even evil things can be said at times. Maybe I'm just mean....
  11. I'm highly prejudice towards reputation, I think it should be disbanded altogether. Either that or add an 'un-like' button i might like reputation more if it wasnt combined forum post likes and story ratings because at the moment it is a meaningless number conglomeration that only serves the purpose of clearing the mod queue for posting stories. I think one title label system is enough, one too many in fact. also, as amusing as the kitty reference is, it's not the best place for that, I think we can be a bit more professional and move on.
  12. I hate social media... facebook - super annoying and violates everyone's privacy, but sure. They have a lot of users and once a page is setup takes minimal effort to maintain. twitter - annoying little tweets (who ever thought it would be ok for a real mans man to utter tweet and not be made fun of?) about things nobody cares about. Also has a lot of users and can be setup to autopost tweets about each new story, etc. google+ - does a single person actually use and like this? overall these are easy ways to keep members updated about the site, but how many new members will they really attract? In my opinion not that many, but there is simply no logical reason to not have Facebook and twitter accounts. other things that were mentioned: tumblr, youtube and reddit. Tumblr I have come to enjoy personally. It's great for pictures and reblogging is easy and can spread those post easily. When it comes to content though, not so much in my opinion. Youtube, as annoying as a google controlled youtube is, it is actually like a search engine in its own way and could be an easy way for people to stumble on content from people here. There is the key though....people. Someone would need to be posting videos in behalf of the site. Vlogs do present an entertaining medium but they take work, they remove anonymity and it's not exactly spreading the content of this site, which is mostly text based. Reddit, as much as I hate to admit it has become an extremely large online community. It could very likely be one of the better ways to attract new members and attention to stories here. It would require dedication on the account of members from here to promote the site there though. It wouldn't be easy but could pay off. overall one of the better ways and more traditional is simply content based. The more posted here, the more browsers will return this site and the higher ga will be in those lists. Also the more authors post stories to other sites (including nifty, despite their awful policies) and either include links back to here or keep portions exclusive to ga, the more people will be drawn here to read. In the end ga will be as popular as the people who choose to call it home. Thus talent and quality people should always be the driving force here... of course there is the whole domain name discussion, but I don't think that fits with social media.
  13. Myk

    The Good Things

    Hiding sex in the middle of an otherwise innocuous poem is evil....and delicious
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