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AHA moments and the quote of the day...



So I'm sitting here watching the food network cause I'm too lazy to actually look for something else I'd be more interested in watching and I like to cook so only half paying attention to it seems acceptable to me. Anyway, I'm watching this woman, in this awful outfit and wondering why she would ever agree to wear it and who on her staff is responsible for this decision when she says she's doing this outdoor cooking segment at an Oktoberfest/Germanfest thing and I went ahh, I see. So then, I'm watching her doctor up two cans of store bought baked beans and wondering how she claims this is cooking, but then they flash the title of the show on the way to commercial break and it's Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee and I went AHA! It's all becoming clear to me now.


In other news... and it's not good news so don't go getting all excited or anything, but... I have a sore throat :(


Had to pause mid-blog cause rich brought me orange wedges :wub: But I've washed and flossed and we're good to go here.


Last night we watched Made of Honor with the Dr. McDreamy Steamy guy... It was basically My Best friend's Wedding with the roles reversed and set in Scotland. It was pretty good, but the guy playing the groom, Kevin McKidd, who I saw in Rome and liked very much, had this Scottish accent since his character was to be from Scotland, and the whole time I was saying how awful it was... doesn't sound at all like my Davey! :wub: I was so appalled that I looked it up after the movie... turns out he's from Elgin, Scotland <_<


And on to the quote of the day... I was talking to a friend earlier and we were talking about celebrating and I said, "If by celebrating you mean you and I going out for margaritas, I'm there! Or martinis... I'm easy as long as it's fruity." He deemed it his new favorite quote! :P


So I had to read 63 pages in to get to the first kiss in the book I'm reading... and by page 120 there's only been two more. What's wrong with these straight romance couples anyway? :P


Rich was telling me earlier that he saw this story on Yahoo about this girl who had sent over 14,000 text messages in one month over the winter break and out of curiosity, because I text A LOT, I looked up last month's bill to see how many I had used, and it was 2,092. Apparently the dad of this girl did some math and found out that she would have to have sent a text every two minutes for all the hours she was awake for a whole month... talk about being commited to the cause, right?


Well, I'm off to be whiny at Rich and see if I can get him to go get us some dinner so I don't have to cook with my sore throat... I know, I know... you don't actually cook with your throat, sore or not.


And, as I received from another pal earlier - ::non-contagious hugs::


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So I had to read 63 pages in to get to the first kiss in the book I'm reading... and by page 120 there's only been two more.


what is wrong with that?

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