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delegate - Word of the Day - Thu May 2, 2024




delegate - (verb) - 1: to appoint as a delegate; 2: to entrust authority another
delegate - (noun) - a person authorized to act for others; representative

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I delegtated Word of the Day to someone else, but they didn't do it. :(


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One of the most difficult lessons of leadership is learning how, how much and what to delegate. It's a critical skill because finding that balance can be the difference between being perceived as a maddening micromanager or aloof and uninvolved. The best leaders find the sweet spot somewhere in the middle where they can delegate tasks and still get their hands dirty.

Eisenhower and King were brilliant at this, while McArthur and Halsey were not.

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36 minutes ago, Bill W said:

May not be any fun, but it's usually more effective, especially when you already have so much on your plate.  :yes:

Always start with big plates.

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Bill W

Posted (edited)

4 hours ago, wildone said:

Ah, but see… to be an effective learner, you also have to be an effective communicator. 

Take today by chance, I say I was delegated to do the WOTD just now. 😜

As always, Steve, you're a day late and a dollar short.  And that's US currency, not that Canadian stuff.  :hug:

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