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Just a quick entry to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving. We're going out of town this week for the Holiday, taking the baby on her first long road trip (which is probably going to mean ten hours of HELL). I won't have an opportunity to post again before the Holiday.


So Jamessavik, Jan, Old Bob, Drewbie, Maddy, MikeL and anyone else I didn't mention because my mind is on Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, sweet potato pie, rolls, collard greens and fat back, cheesecake.... you get the picture, Happy Thanksgiving!! :music: :music: :music:

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You too Nick- good luck with the baby on the road.


I've often thought that for taking a little kids on a road trip, there should be Valium enriched Flintstones vitamins. It would make the trip more tolerable for the kid and save parents sanity. A win-win for everyone involved.




Disclaimer- don't try this at home.

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Well, taking her across town to a doctor appointment or trying to go shopping with her is no picnic..... I tried to warn my girlfriend that what we endure on a daily basis is just a small sample of what we'll endure all the way down I95 to Orlando, but this was what she wanted. What the queen wants, the queen gets.

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Thanks, Nick. Happy Thanksgiving and a safe trip to you.


I have it easy. All the grandchildren are brought to see us.

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*hug* hope you have a great Holiday. Hopefully there won't be too much crying in the car ;x.


Maddy (:

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