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So, who amongst us finds themselves in the hallowed halls of learning this fall?

Are you a Freshman? Are you going back? Going from Community College to University?


For myself, I'm plodding along on my master's thesis. Hopefully, I'll finally tie it off this fall.



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Guest jamieanderson

I fear that, at the tender age of 15, the Headmaster called my mother in and pointed out the sad fact that, the Scottish Education System had spent 10 years trying to din some knowledge into my thick head with little success. He therefore suggested that I be found an honest job.


Happily, I departed and became an apprentice in the Signalling and Telecommunications department of British Railways. Sadly, I then spent one day and three evenings a week catching up with my education.


When I finally entered the great world of computers in 1963 it was back to school again. For my entire life I was going to school, learning new systems, equipment, etc.. In fact I had to run like Hell, just to stand still.


So now I

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Glad you're in school Taryn. Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you find some new ones there. :)

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Guest veinglory

I walked away with my PhD in 1999, time moves so quickly, it seems like yesterday...

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I'm thinking of doing my doctorate in Systems Engineering. But I need a little break first.

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I have just entered the halls of higher education. Right now I am sitting in the dorm at my college. I'm have one hell of a time here though, and it only the first week. Doesn't hurt that one of my roommates is cute and the guy across the hall is strikingly divine. So, college isn't so bad :)

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