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Writing Contest Voting

Which Story do you like best?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Story do you like best?

    • Vampire Jarred Halloween- dkstories
    • Chainsaw Love - {BM}-
    • Well Really - Crackerwriter
    • Justin Time - Woodcarver
    • The Meadow - Sparhawk
    • From Beyond the Grave -bwstories
    • Gayoween - Movieguy

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It's a bit frustrating for everyone who's bothered writing that more people haven't bothered reading them or voted either. if everybody who read one story had read the rest, then all hit counts would be equal. QED.

Just five votes? That's abysmal. Who's chief whip around here? :lol:

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  • Site Administrator

I won't have time to read everything until this weekend... so hold your horses... not all of us are old and retired :P

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  • Site Administrator

Well... that was difficult. But I managed to pick one...


Great stories folks!

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  • 2 months later...
  • Site Administrator

Looks like BW is the winner!

Congrats. If I was more on the ball, this would have been better organized. It will be next time, I promise. :)

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