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[AFriendlyFace] BMAD libs

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Hi all!


So, being someone who loves a good pun - or maybe a bad pun - I couldn't resist creating a game thread for BMAD based on the popular Mad Libs game that I'm sure many of us played as kids!


For those of us who don't know Mad Libs is a word game in which players are prompted to supply a certain type of word and then later asked to fill that word into a set of pre-created text.


For example one might come across the prompt "Action Verb" and fill in "Jump". They would later come across a piece of text something like this, "Tom can __(Action Verb)___ very high". The player would then fill in "Jump" from their previous list. The fun of course comes in when the player chooses a word that seems silly, or nonsensical in the context. For example if for "Action Verb" the player had chosen "run", "swim", etc. The gaming pleasure if further enhanced when the words are inserted into a well-known story/text or in a context in which the reader can easily figure out what is supposed to be in the blank.


So with that in mind, I thought we might have a few laughs with a series of "BMAD Libs". The simplest way to play is:


-Click "Reply"

-Type your answers to the prompted words at the top (don't look at the text passage at the bottom!)

-Scroll down and fill in the blanks with the corresponding numbered word

-Remove the spoiler tags from around the story text. They look like this:

Story Text 

-Click "add reply" so we can all have a good laugh! :lol: (or maybe even be impressed by the coherence of your story!)





Have fun!


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This first one is taken from chapter 5 The Name Game. It is entitled:


"A phone call"


1) Random Word

2) Noun that can be a person (ex: Doctor, mother, senior citizen, etc.)

3) Past Tense Verb

4) Relationship noun (ex: brother, co-worker, etc.)

5) Adjective, state of being (ex: sleepy, excited, etc.)

6) Action Verb

7) Noun

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This first one is taken from chapter 5 The Name Game. It is entitled:


"A phone call"


"Oh god, what do I say?" I blurt out to no one in particular as I look hopelessly at my ringing cell phone.


"Try '__zoinks!__'." This remark brought to you by a random, dykish looking __author__ standing near me in the CD section of the Half Price Books in Montrose. While I'm glaring at her as though she'd just __walked__ on my cat, I suddenly realize that her suggestion isn't completely without merit.


"__zoinks!__," I say as I frantically flip my cell phone open.


"Hey sexy. How's my favorite __neighbor__?" Ben lilts suggestively, then giggles. "Dance __neighbor__ that is."


"Um fine," I say trying to sound __dopey__.


The trouble with trying to sound __dopey__ is that one is inclined to simultaneously try to look __dopey__. Big mistake! Unfortunately, I realize this about a second too late as I __ate__ too heavily on the CDs in front of me and knock over a large row.


Damn it! It's this __cookie__ Ronnie has me using. I swear it's making me stupid. I never used to act like this.


"What was the question again?" I ask blushing.


Ben's laughing. "I asked if you were going to be at _Notre Dame_ tonight. You're there every Saturday right?"


"Oh. Um yeah, I'll be there. Sorry about that. I, uhh, think I have some __mouse__ in my ear or something." __mouse__ in my ear? What the hell?!


he teasingly chides, "You _lovely__ guys. I'll never understand you."


"Sorry man," I laugh. "But yeah, I'll definitely be there. Hey, by the way, I'm sorry if I caused any problems for you last night," I add remembering how __sated__ __Kevin__ looked.


"It's cool Aaron, and you didn't. __Kevin__'s just a __bike__ sometimes and _quickly__ __green__. It's all good though. I'm really sorry he acted like that."



"Um, so I'll _sense_ you tonight."


"_sense_ ya then." He says, and then he pauses briefly. "I think you owe me a _boy_ anyway,"

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