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Stu.... Stuu....Stttuuuuuttt....Stutters


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  1. 1. Do you stutter a lot?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
    • Amongst my family members
    • Amongst my friends
    • Only in Public
    • Only to someone who is superior than me (especially at work)

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Yes unfortunately I stutter at times. If I really want to tell a person something or exicted or depressed, luckly thought it doesn't always happen. Best is to take a deep breathe and slowy say it.

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No, now since about 50 years !

The last time I remember, It was during my military period. I was a young (less 30) junior officer and I had to work with a general, leading the swiss air force. At the beginning, I was so impressed that my voice failed. I was the first and last time, but I want to be honest and answered "Only to someone who is superior than me".

old Bob

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Not so much anymore, but I do stutter when I say words with certain letters or sounds. Sometimes I'll repeat a word over and over and over again, or I'll open my mouth to say something, and then no air will make it from my lungs to my vocal chords. It's annoying, but I used to be a lot worse... I had to see a speech therapist when I was a lot younger.

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Awwww *hugs everyone* hehe. I find it ironic that one of my dreams in life is to become a speech therapist hahaha. Hmmm... my teacher says I always tend to over-articulate. I guess what's important is to stop stuttering when I'm in public - it's embarrassing - especially for someone who aspires to be a speech therapist one day.

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Speech therapists also deal with swallowing issues in the elderly. I didn't know that until I found out that a speech therapist was working with my father, and he talked just fine. It would be less confusing if they called them something more general that related to all the things they do. Or maybe not. It would probably be something more unhelpful like pharnolaryngisupercalifragelisticexpialidosist or something.

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I seem to stutter on really huge words if they have alot of the same letter in them. Or if im super nervous and cant talk or really upset and like crying then yeah talking is a mess. The only time i stutter on purpose is when im singing "See You Agian" by miley cyrus


The last time I freaked out

I just kept lookin' down

I st-st-stuttered when

You asked me what I'm thinkin' 'bout

Felt like I couldn't breathe

You asked what's wrong with me

My best friend Leslie said

"Oh, She's just bein' Miley"

I can't wait To see you again

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While it is a rarity, I sometimes stutter. I'm usually a good linguist, but sometimes I am unsure what to say or overly excited. That can lead to stuttering. It doesn't bother me. My brother had a really bad problem with stuttering when he was younger.

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I didn't stutter per se, but it was definitely a speech impairment. I would open my mouth to say something and absolutely nothing (no sound whatsoever) would come out. School teachers used to think I was jerking them around. :blink:


Anyways, I stopped doing that at around 15 or 16 years old. Coincidently, that's when I first started driking beer. :D


I'm sure there was no cause and effect there. :P



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