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  1. Whenever I feel like exercising, I lie down until I feel better!
  2. Conner

    The Date

    Speaking of juxtaposition, the first part of the chapter shows Corbin being at his manipulative best, with the last part showing him being perhaps at his most vulnerable. Fascinating character! The dominance/submissive scene at the beginning was totally hot. Really needed a cigarette, so to speak. lol For me, the wait is always worth it! Conner
  3. Conner

    Chapter 1

    So you're saying you couldn't work Tiny Tim into this story! Great work!
  4. One more year and I'll officially be a senior citizen. Thank you all for your best wishes!
  5. Congrats, Sharon! Sharon is also known to some of us as The Goddess.
  6. Great stories by great authors! Congrats to all! The banners are beautiful! Much thanks to Corneles!
  7. Well, so long as we're sharing... When I stand up after using the throne, I always look into the bowl before flushing. Just can't help myself. Must be some habit left over from potty training. TMI???
  8. Yes, there's a lot of fine fir, pine and cedar throughout the Pacific Northwest. We'll be bringing wood to the Super Bowl.
  9. I'll be routing for Seattle. It's the neighbourly thing to do.
  10. I think the Biebs is channeling Rob Ford, Toronto's mayor. In fact, if you send the Bieber back to Canada, we'll send you Rob Ford.
  11. Hi Mike! Happy to see your check-in.
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