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Mechanics 101 For 10/17‏

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This week is all about the almighty hyphen in certain words. I've seen hyphenated versions of these words, and I've seen unhyphenated versions.


Words like mind-blowing, heart-breaking, nerve-wracking, stand-still...are they considered 'wrong' if spelled without the hyphen included? (if so...BOY have I got a lot of re-editing to do! Hehehe!)


I never had an actual spell check before getting this new system about five or six months ago, and since I've been seeing that a lot, I've been attempting to put some faith in the idea that the spell check knows more than I do (so does most of the population of Earth and most lab monkeys). But is this a 'right or wrong' type of thing? Or can it be done either way without making readers cringe?

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