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Is Anyone Familiar with Gunn High School?

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Hey, I have a friend who plans on eventually penning an online tale for a story that involves fictional kids who go to Gunn High School(located at Palo Alto, CA), and graduate in 2004/2005. He wrote about the setting in 1980, but I figured the school has changed since then. I thought I'd help him out and go straight to the source.


I just had some questions about what Gunn High kids were like, circa 2005...



1. Could a guy be openly gay at Gunn High School without it being a big deal?


2. What kind of cars did the rich kids drive? Was it mainly SUV type stuff, like Hummers?


3. How preppy is the school? Did kids there dress really preppy, or was it a lot more laidback? What were the popular clothing brands?


4. What is the socioeconomic/racial mix of the school like? Lots of rich white kids, or is it more diverse than that?


5. What were the popular slang terms?


6. What were the popular hang-outs?


7. What was the academic environment like? Was it high-pressure where kids were chained to their homework, or could you still have a social life?


8. What was the social life like?


9. How many class periods were there? What would you be expected to take as a college-bound freshman vs. a college-bound senior?


10. Is there anything about Gunn High's culture that sticks out in your mind?

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