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Count As High As Possible Before A Mod/Admin Posts

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1 minute ago, Defiance19 said:

Twenty Three!!! 


Holy its it's like we have free reign

Shhhh.... you'll attract a mod or admin if you say that...


Twenty-five!  (now I need to get back to work, dammit) :(

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Oh look, I already hit the big three-o! :D


I guess I should change my age on my profile. :P 



PS: Each of my posts will have the digits of pi corresponding to the number we are on now. :)


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Wow, that's impressive! Look what happens when I decide to go to sleep for a few hours.... :P


Sadly, all good things must come to an end 0:)  I couldn't help posting to say how impressed I am, which, unfortunately, resets the count back to zero :devil:


PS: I don't need to use any of Australia's multitude of dangerous animals if I want to attack because I have something worse at my disposal. I have two teenage boys...

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