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From the front page of the Contra Costa Times, July 13, 2011:


In what would be a nationwide first, California may draw its new political districts with an eye toward protecting the voting power of "gayborhoods." Advocates for gay and lesbian groups have petitioned the state's redistricting commission to preserve or expand the number of gay-friendly congressional or legislative districts. They are offering maps that show gay-friendly neighborhoods in areas from San Francisco to the Oakland hills to downtown San Jose. Commission members seem receptive.

Read the entire article here.


Here's a map of the San Francisco Bay Area "Gayborhoods". :great:


Where I grew up and went to high school (Walnut Creek, where the 24 and 680 freeways intersect) is red territory, most friendly to gays and gay issues. Of course Berkeley, where I go to Cal, is solid red territory.


Is this happening anywhere else in the U.S.?


Colin B)

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The map is really interesting. I noticed that areas with high minority concentrations like San Jose's East Side, East Palo Alto, and the flatlands of the East Bay are all significantly lower on their gayborhood scales. Posted Image

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As you move into more agricultural areas like Solano County and eastern Contra Costa County the map shows these are much less gay-friendly or even gay-tolerant. It's one small step at a time, I guess.


I'd like to see the maps for the Los Angeles / Orange County metro area. That would be interesting.


Colin B)

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very interesting but I can tell you that will never happen where I live. This place is stuck in the dark ages :( It's beautiful and quiet but not gay friendly out here in the country.

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