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  1. May 18, 1801 The Peterhof Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Granger strolled next to the Grand Canal of the Peterhof Palace, reveling in the sunny skies and refreshingly brisk spring weather, a far cry from the frigidness he’d experienced in the Russian winter. He felt the Countess von Lieven’s hand gently holding his arm as he led her toward a small pavilion with a bench, which they sat on. He gazed first toward the palace, which was built in a style which seemed similar
  2. Hey everyone, Sorry that I haven't been posting for a bit. I'm fine, but I'm just slammed at work and at home, and that's meant that writing has taken a backseat. I'm hoping to do better over the holidays.
  3. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 23

    February 10, 2004 The Marquee New York, NY Will I collapsed into the back seat of the Maybach, wondering how I was going to manage to make it from the car to the hotel room. I was that seriously fucked up. I’d spent the last half hour trying to avoid Giacomo, who wanted to take me back to his room. Even as messed up as I was, I so wasn’t into him. I suddenly remembered that he was staying at the Bryant too, so hopefully I’d make it back there in time to get th
  4. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 55

    My bad. Fat fingers on an iPhone
  5. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 22

    February 9, 2004 Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY Will We walked out of the restaurant laughing, which was surprising considering the intense conversation we’d just had. “This is so convenient,” Johnny said as he hopped into the Maybach. “Especially when it’s cold.” “No shit,” I said. “Where to, Mr. Schluter?” the driver asked. I didn’t want to end my time with Johnny, because he was fun and cute, and because by reliving our mutual traumas we’d bonded.
  6. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 6

    I actually didn’t go to Stanford.
  7. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 21

    For most of us, that would be true, but I don’t think Will cares If people know about that….not that he’d broadcast it.
  8. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 21

    February 9, 2004 The Bryant Hotel New York, NY Will I was wearing the green suit Karl Lagerfeld had sent me, and I had to admit it looked really good on me. My eyes were the color of a well-fertilized lawn, and the suit matched them perfectly. I had decided to come back here to the hotel after going out last night because I really didn’t want to deal with JJ. It was also convenient, because I’d been able to order room service for breakfast. Zanie had arr
  9. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 55

    Well, not exactly. One could assume Granger has continued his trysts with Pavel, and we know he’s slept with Mme von Lieven. He’s got a libido equal to that task.
  10. May 12, 1801 Stroganov Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Today was a festive day because Alexei and Maria had returned home. They’d gone to visit one of their estates, and dinner conversation had been decidedly less interesting without them around. In order to correct that, they were all assembled around the table in the opulent dining room, and had just finished their second course. The staff brought out the entrees, the famed beef dish that Granger had managed to acqui
  11. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 20

    I don't either. As I see Will at this point, he's having fun and enjoying his freedom, so unless some guy comes along and totally blows him away, I don't see that changing.
  12. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 20

    Spot on!
  13. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 20

    February 8, 2004 The Bryant Hotel New York, NY Will Stef had brought clothes for me that were a little dressier than I normally would have picked for a Sunday afternoon, but I had to admit they made me look good. I smiled, thinking that I was like an evil temptress, trying to lure some vulnerable dude into my lair. That thought turned to laughter which was cut short when I heard a gentle knock on my door. It was 12:57; at least he was prompt. I opened the door
  14. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 19

    February 7, 2004 The Waldorf Astoria New York, NY Will We got out of the limo and there were photographers taking pictures, which totally freaked me out. The theme for tonight’s ball was the Regency Period, so that meant I was wearing tails and breeches, with fucking stockings on. That’s the last thing I needed was for Ryan, John, and Marie to see that and give me endless shit about it. As we walked into the entrance there was a large mirror on the wall,
  15. May 10, 1801 Stroganov Palace St. Petersburg, Russia “Tell us how you found yourself in the Russian Bastille,” Daventry prompted Chartley. “Let us let him enjoy his dinner,” said Granger, who watched a ravenously hungry Chartley devour food with what was almost indecency. “I am sorry, for food this good has been absent in my life for as long as I can remember,” Chartley said, his eyes glazed with what was almost lust. “I am glad you enjoy it,” Pa
  16. Mark Arbour


    You get to craft him however you want
  17. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 18

    You raise a good issue here. JP pointed out that Will has been largely surrounded by straight-acting gay men, and that Stef is his only other model for a non-masculine type. That Will has largely mirrored the rest of them and not Stef has to be a blow to his ego, even if he can't internalize it. I think it fuels his insecurities. So when he presses Will about it, I think what he's really looking for is validation from Will that he loves Stef and admires him.
  18. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 18

    February 7, 2004 In the air over Pennsylvania Will I woke up in my cabin on Stef’s plane and yawned, then got up and stretched. We’d left super-early, so rather than being all pissed off about it, I’d made up for it by sleeping on the flight. Two things had woken me up: my alarm, which I’d set to go off when we were supposed to be getting close to New York; and my stomach, because I was hungry. I brushed my teeth, dicked around with my hair for a minute, then went o
  19. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 53

    Thanks for asking…I’m doing well!
  20. May 9, 1801 Stroganov Palace St. Petersburg, Russia “We must go to this place and release Chartley at once,” Granger said emphatically. It was inconceivable that Chartley, whom Granger had last seen in Calcutta and whom he had presumed was dead, would suddenly materialize in a Russian prison in St. Petersburg. The horrors of what he must have gone through filled Granger with fear for his safety. “We must first discuss this,” Pavel said firmly and calmly. “In
  21. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 17

    February 3, 2004 Escorial, CA Will The gates to Escorial, the palace we called home, opened automatically, allowing us to breeze past the fencing that kept people out and gave us the privacy we craved. I’d moved up here when I was 14, but it had been a part of my life since I was born. While its Mission Revival/Spanish architecture made it seem as if it were a cousin of Hearst’s San Simeon, and it was that old, inside and all around it had become very modern. With St
  22. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 52

    How very perceptive. 😃
  23. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 52

    I suspect he’ll labor over that when he gets home, or on the way.
  24. May 8, 1801 The Winter Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Tsar Alexander was not the showman some monarchs were, and preferred intimate family dinners to large affairs embracing the whole court, but on occasion such ceremonies were necessary, and tonight was just such a night. Granger admired the way the palace had been transformed into a festive place for the event, with decorations accentuating the beauty of the rooms, and footmen there to offer drinks promptly, as one wo
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