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I just recently became a member of Spotify, the URL is www.spotify.com. Anyways, I highly recc this new online music service. There seems to be a large variety of music, but for me, the selling point is the sound quality. It's truly amazing for MP3 sound. I have a fairly expensive set of laptop headphones, and I noticed that the stereo separation was incredible.


I did side by side comparison (of the same song) with Pandora, Slacker, You Tube, and Last.fm. And in every single time, Spotify's sound quality was better.


Another nice feature is you can sync up songs to your "library" and build your own playlist. So I did this with songs from Glee, and it was minimal effort. The one drawback to Spotify is that there are ads, but not an over-abundance of them. A small price to pay for such a great service.

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