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Old music that never gets ‘old’

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Stevie Wonder”s Innervisions album is 50 years old (released 1973) and these songs are still being covered because they’re so damned good

I was lucky to snag a very late return ticket for Prom48 in August where Cory Henry covered the entire album (plus many more of his songs). Songs like these are our “classic” music for the future.


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From Karen Carpenter's solo album. Recorded from 1979-1980 but never released till 1996. It would have been at least a top ten album, if they'd released it when she recorded the album. 

Karen's solo album was AMAZING. The material she chose was more sensual lyrically than what she recorded with Richard. The songs gave her a more in-the-moment I guess feel to her voice. It was definitely a different sound for her one very fitting too. 



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Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Written in 1961, this song was an enduring hit for Elvis Presley. 

It has never got ‘old’, being covered countless times over the last 60 odd years.

The original song lyrics were about falling in love with a guy (‘ Can’t Help Falling In Love With Him’) which might explain its use in the soundtrack of a recent gay movie, but doesn’t explain why the filmmakers didn’t re-record the song with the original lyrics, choosing instead to recycle on old cover by Perfume Genius (which is OK) with the Elvis lyrics (where the rhyming doesn’t really work). The song has been used in several movies over the years.

That aside, there are some great versions out there but I really like this cover by Elliott James Reay

He has a beautiful voice and the simple guitar accompaniment is perfect



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Some punk. This album has always been controversial and when I first listened to it, I didn't like it. I was very young. When it was used by the show Millennium in the most poetic way ever, I listened again. And now it is my favorite art experiment of all time. It is incomparable.

This song specifically ends me—Horses by Patti Smith. A live version.


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Only You” - Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke (Yazoo)

Covered many times over the 40+ years since it was first released in 1982, and featuring in many movies and TV shows.

Most recently it was played at the very end of Love, Victor in 2022 as Victor and Benji finally get back together, despite the song being so melancholy (it’s about regret and sense of loss after the breakup of a relationship - but maybe it was referencing all of that during the series?)

This is a remixed version released by Alison Moyet in 1999, when it charted at #2


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