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[Dark] Remember my Heart -- part of 2012 Anniversary Anthology

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This shall be the discussion forum for my novella Remember my Heart. This novella is part of the special 10 year Anniversary Anthology. Our theme: Secrets can Kill.


Pop star Little D has the career he's always dreamed of. The only thing missing is the man who made all this possible. Gus was once the name in the Martian music business. Now he's just a footnote. He lost everything in a tragic accident. He even lost a significant chunk of his memory and every day is a struggle for survival. Can his former lover restore what was lost?

Tell me what you liked/didn't like, comment on the characters, settings, etc., and ask questions! Beware spoilers if you haven't read it yet.


And don't forget to check out the other stories in the anthology.



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Now that the anthologies have been out for a few days, I'm wondering if any of my loyal readers found the tidbits hidden in my story?


Let's post what we find here and challenge each other to locate them in turn. For example, have you found...


1. my homage to the traditional Martian?

2. the reference to MMA (and do you know what it means)?

3. the poke at GA's soapbox? (thanks to my beta for this one)


Your turn! :D

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