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Dogs respond to the direction of a tail wag


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A new study finds that dogs respond to the direction of a tail wag. Canines that see tails wagging to the right are more relaxed, whereas they become more stressed when they see tails wagging to the left. The responses are a result of the differing roles played by the left and right hemispheres of a dog's brain, according to the research.(National Geographic Daily News)




Poor Nox and Otto were my guinea dogs. We confirm the findings after conduction a non-representative private two dogs survey.





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Interesting, but lots of caveats there. Assumes, too, that the guinea dogs saw the silhouette as front-facing when it could equally be rear-facing... and we all know dogs like rear ends :lol:

More importantly, though, I think we need some more cute pix of Otto and Nox :P

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So, you assume the dogs aren't able to switch their perspective? Hmmm... Whether it's a coincidence or not, I found that if I called Nox and he didn't know what to expect he wagged to the left, after he saw the treat in my hand, he wagged to the right. Needless to say he loved being my guinea dog.

At least I can interpret his emotions right now. :P

I see what I can do about the pics. :)

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and if your tail grows curled to one side? Does that mean i am always stressed?

Just hope it's curled to the right side, otherwise you're screwed. :lol:

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