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  1. we make them from plastic collected from the ocean.
  2. It may sound weird, but I never liked that movie, I found it too unrealistic. Ghosts do have the power to possess human bodies. *shudder* LOL. I expect you to write a romantic, gay ghost story now. Proof that ghost are as cool as vampires.
  3. In contrast to vampires, you can't touch ghosts, or if you do it's rather unpleasant. I wrote a story with gay ghosts, and it even won a contest.
  4. while they can contain sadness and anguish, they always have a kernel of hope or redemption This is is exactly what I'm looking for sometimes. I will definitely read this story. Great review,Tim.
  5. Saftig means juicy. Depending on your taste zaftig means juicy too.
  6. Aditus

    my girl

    I like the ear. Always listening.
  7. Aditus

    busy bee.jpg

    From the album: Pick 'n mix

  8. Many of my favorites have already been mentioned, but there are two more I fell in love with Charlie, he inspired some of my characters. and Some might know I love vampire stories. This is one of the best on GA.
  9. Interesting. I won't be able to use sub rosa without my inner editor acting up. It's sub pink in my head.
  10. The final circle is a frozen wasteland occupied by history’s greatest traitors. So …
  11. Aditus

    Chapter 1

    A very cute story placed in serious times. Thank you.
  12. Just because it's this time of the year:


    In August when Laurentius’ tears rained down

    And meteors flared white before they died

    I dreamed to meet him in the fields near town.

    My eyes fixed on the vast and ruthless sky:

    I made a wish.


    Together we defeat the void of space,

    The ebony cloth, pierced by ancient light

    Enfolds us to become our sheltered place,

    where we can pledge the bonding oath by night.

    Did you make your wish?


    For a beloved friend whom I dearly miss.

    1. Valkyrie


      I love this poem :hug:  

    2. Aditus


      Thank you, Val. :hug:

  13. That my xbox is your" precious" is an illusion.
  14. I have to say it again: A great review for a great story. If you haven't read The Strange Life of Jonas Marks yet, do it now.
  15. Aditus

    Kö Bogen II.jpg

    Kö Bogen II https://www.duesseldorf-tourismus.de/en/attractions/koe-bogen-2-7fb3e41e26
  16. Aditus

    Kö Bogen II.jpg

    You're not the first who said this.
  17. Or as we say 'null und nichtig' (null and void) or 'null Komma nix' (null comma zilch(?) )
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