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Eww is that Windows 8? GET OUT OF HERE

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someone said china should use android OS lol


hey if everyone is buying for status apple tablets and iphones... then they could use clang llvm compiler to meet their needs if android can't


I seen comments matching up win8 to Vista(Win6) ... its the even Window # to avoid and the odd ones to upgrade on ie: Win 9 lol

but still china will say its too expensive

lol they won't buy the surface pro 3


but maybe microsoft can make a fire red sale to china on the surface one since they wrote it off 

it still an alternative to make some more revenue on junk


Microsoft walks into a bar. China screams: 'Eww is that Windows 8? GET OUT OF HERE'
That's what happens if you axe support for XP
China has banned the use of Microsoft's latest operating system on government computers.
This ban follows a set of Chinese web giants teaming up in February to offer support for Windows XP for the next two years following Microsoft halting updates for the legacy OS. As of the end of 2013, Windows XP had a marketshare of about 50 percent in China. In December, Chinese officials were reported to be concerned about the potential security impact of Microsoft cutting support.
China shutters Windows ‘rival’ Red Flag Linux
Glorious free operating system of the people is no more
China’s homegrown answer to Windows has gone the way of the dodo after failing to make an impact on the domestic market for operating systems.
Red Flag Linux has terminated all staff contracts and gone into liquidation, according to a notice pinned to the door of its deserted headquarters in Beijing, spotted by TechInAsia.
The company is thought to have been in trouble for some time.
In April 2013, Red Flag president Jia Dong apparently told a staff meeting that wages couldn’t be released, and by the end of the year the firm had to close its HQ in Beijing’s Haidian district after being unable to pay rent and utilities.
Staff are now turning their attention to Red Flag’s major shareholder, the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), to recoup unpaid wages which now total almost 15 million yuan (£1.5m).
It’s a face-losing fall from grace for the state-backed project after it was launched to much fanfare 14 years ago.
However, despite some government departments being ordered to install the locally built OS, it failed to make much of an impact on Windows – whether we talking about pirated or genuine versions.




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