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Hi Experts, 

I am looking for a story I started to read a few years back and then lost track of it or was on a site that closed down. It is about a boy who moves to a new town and makes friends with twins and their sister.  His father leaves for a few weeks and he discovers who he thought was his father is his uncle and his father is some prince of darkness.  his friends turn  out to be werewolves and he is the alpha prime wolf.  his mother is a witch who left him to protect him from the father and he never really knew her. Parts are the fathers minions trying to capture him a few times as he has a destiney to save the work and stop his father.  His father wants his power to be the ultimate power in the supernatural world. 


He starts crushing on the twins and thinks they are straight then falls for the prince of the vampires. That is about as far as i had read in the story.  Any ideas???



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