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Secret Santa Contest - Double Check

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The deadline isn't over yet, but if you've already sent your story in, please check the list to ensure your story IS listed. If it is, you don't have to do anything. If it's NOT, please PM me.  I have locked this thread to prevent anyone accidentally revealing which story is theirs.  I will add new stories as I receive them and upload them.


All I Want For Christmas


Chrisis Eve


Cruising For Love At Christmas




From Santa






La Gracier Et La Paix (The Pardon and the Peace)


Meeting Santa


Mistletoe Balls


My Very Own Secret Santa


Myrthcottle’s Memories


Operation Wonder


Santa's Little Helper


Seven Swans


The Baker's Helper


The Letter: A Christmas Tale


The Modern Magi, or Miracle at the Angel Tree


The Old Ways


The Secret Santa Game


Twenty-Three Days of Advent

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