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Any Ideas On Uk Based Publishers Of Lgbt Books?

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Not sure if anyone can help, but i've recently finished drafting a book, and spent a long while editing and honing, and am keen now to share it with a publisher and see if there is any interest.  Only thing is, i'm not sure where best to start.  It seems that gay fiction publishers are on the decline at the moment, especially in the UK (and its very much a UK based story so I think that is definitely the preference)


Does anyone have any views on this?  Or if there is anyone with more experience on working with publishers / knowing what they'd expect, i'd really appreciate some input on whether the story / writing quality etc is likely to be up to standard / who I might best approach?


If anyone can help out, please get in touch,





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I am published by Wayward Ink Publishing. They are based in Australia, but, from what .i understand they consider books set anywhere and in UK or US English. 


May be worth giving them a look www.waywardinkpublishing.com 


Good luck. 

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Alan Hollinghurst was published at Chatto & Windus and my copy of While England Sleeps by David Leavitt was published by Abacus (a division of Little, Brown and Company (UK). I don't think they're exclusively publishing gay fiction, but at least they must be gay friendly.


On how to get them interested I have no experience/advise.


Good luck, Stuart.

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I don't know of any places in Britain, but depending on the story you may want to consider the publishing houses held within one of the major universities. Oxford University Press publishes a fantastic variety of things through their publishing house.

Alternatively, Arsenal Pulp Press in Canada has a specific focus on LGBTQ writing, so they may be a good bet as well.

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I've read a few stories based in the UK published by Samhain Publishing, not certain if they have an office in the UK or not there is an office here in Atlanta, GA.


Dreamspinner Press is another US based publisher.


I know you would prefer UK but these are options.

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Thanks all, some useful links here.  I've also been advised to look at self publishing on amazon. 


Anyone had any experience / heard any stories about that?  Not sure how well it'd work for me?


Oh god, its awful! The only reason I would suggest you publish on Amazon is because you already have a dedicated network of people who you *know* will buy your book, or you have a professional marketing team willing to work for free. Amazon gives fantastic royalties, but they absolutely nothing to promote your book for you. That's why traditional publishers give you so little a royalty, because they help market your book and get it onto bookshelves and do everything else as part of their publishing service, and they recover their costs from your profits.

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