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  1. I remember when you were all about turtles but apparently you've given over amphibians for felines. I suppose the cats are a bit more interactive.
  2. Greetings Albert. I've been busy, only here now while I take a break for lunch. I finished the last of the housecleaning I wanted to do before mum gets here tonight. Now I just need to put the clean bed clothes on and do a final vacuuming. Oh, and I had to go to the Outpatient Clinic and have a presurgical EKG. the doc hadn't ordered one previously but it was decided late yesterday that I should have one as a precaution.
  3. You've been hanging around that new youngster at work ... you're developing a potty mouth.
  4. Greetings Albert. B is the one who got the poop box but thanks for your kind thoughts.
  5. Ughhh, it's 75/24° and very humid. Tropical air and moisture going to collide with a cold front bringing cooler, drier seasonal weather. Expecting heavy downpours, 2-4 inches, later this morning and afternoon, should clear by evening. Meanwhile Thistle isn't best pleased because on Monday I pulled the AC unit out of the window and stashed it away until next year and it's uncomfortably warm in the house. Normally I wait until the cooler weather arrives in early October but with surgery next week it was do it now or wait until November. I've also been busy doing autumn housecleaning to have it out of the way just have to do the bedroom and bath mum uses and the kitchen. Those are all small spaces and should be done today. I've had my presurgical bloodwork and all was well. Had the CT scan yesterday, doc should have results this morning. Expecting a presurgical review call from the hospital this afternoon. I have an early morning appt for a Covid test on Sunday. Guess I best get busy.
  6. I've been worried for a while, thought he would be back home by now.
  7. Yep, I love me a cinnamon lollipop ... oh, OH! ... Uhm, never mind.
  8. One of the benefits of spending the winter in SC, I avoid the salt and anti-icing brine applied to the roads in PA.
  9. Whew, I thought I was the only one. A rust module doesn't sound like something I'd want either.
  10. Happy Autumnal Equinox to you and Steve.
  11. Excellent chapter. I'm like Coy, feeling a bit impatient and frustrated with the stubborn old mule. I do however have a great deal of faith in your ability to fix this so ...
  12. I thought the problem my be my tablet but have decided the issue is with my internet service since I have the same issue with my cell phone staying connected.
  13. Aaarrrrrgh ... anyone else having issues staying connected to the site? This morning I spent nearly 15 minutes typing up a kilt tale about Jake, a lad who visited the shop yesterday, only to discover when I went to post that I was no longer connected to the site and the entire bluefish thing disappeared into the ether. My first attempt to type and post this went the same way. I've kilting stories to share but not if I keep getting bumped.
  14. Hi Page. There were kiltings this weekend.
  15. Today has dawned bright and sunny with pleasant temps and comfortable humidity. Yesterday was extremely muggy and unpleasant.
  16. I don't do jalapeno poppers because I don't particularly like jalapenos but the recipe I have adds chopped crispy bacon into the filling. I didn't do that with those I made yesterday because one of the folks doesn't eat meat because of allergies.
  17. Oh, I forgot to mention I added a strong pinch of Smoked Hot Paprika. I wanted a bit of smoky heat as an undertone to the sweetness of the caramelized onions.
  18. I tried one and they're good but I was hoping for more of the tanginess from the goat cheese. I think if I make them again instead of equal amounts I would add half again as much chevre and cut the cream cheese by half to get a 3:1 ratio.
  19. It's 78/25° here with 68% humidity and overcast with occasional sun and rain showers. Not an excessively warm day but not pleasant either. Oh, and my head aches. I have one more chore in preparation for faire this weekend before I can rest. I'm making a variation on jalapeno poppers by stuffing miniature sweet peppers with a blend of chevre, cream cheese and balsamic caramelized onions.
  20. My single tomato plant is producing a lot right now too. I planted a single dwarf plum type in a pot on my deck. I think part of it is the amount of rain recently. It's getting more water than if I water by hand.
  21. G'day y'all. It's starting out wet and dreary here. A front is passing through bringing rain through the night. It's forecast to clear later this morning. We're listening to a cd of soft jazz and being lazy. Been busy housecleaning since Mum is due the end of next week. Her flight is late Friday the 24th, arriving just after 10:30pm. The airport is about 90 minutes away so it will be late when we arrive home. I still have her room and bath to clean and want to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. Trying to get the heaving cleaning done now as I am scheduled for surgery the morning of the 29th, exact time unknown until the day before. I'm having a ventral hernia repaired so will have restrictions and don't want things left hanging for mum to do. I have a CT scan scheduled for next Tuesday, because the hernia is encapsulated the surgeon wants to see the inside of my belly to avoid any surprises. Normally he would do the repair by laparoscopy but mine is significant enough that he is planning an actual midline incision. We're treating it as day surgery unless an overnight stay becomes advisable. I don't anticipate any problems and will be glad when it's fixed. What began as a small bump the size of a golf ball 4.5 years ago is now bigger than my fist and becoming uncomfortable. I had hoped to have it corrected last year before things went askew. Blessed be. Missing you @Marty. Hope all is well.
  22. Except someone to share them with ... oh, wait ... they're chocolate cookies.
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