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  1. The neighbor might be some hot hunk who likes to snuggle.
  2. Wooly socks bro and a warm body ... we're having a bit of a warm up today before things cool down again. Currently 54/12° but overcast. I boxed some of it up and sent it off but delivery wasn't guaranteed before April.
  3. That's the only thing he shares ... oh, and hugs and kisses.
  4. Sad to have lost your grandmother's recipe, that could have been a treasured family heirloom.
  5. Greetings Albert. I have spent the day resting quietly, the migraine hasn't worsened so I've avoided pain meds.
  6. dughlas

    My muse

    Thanks, I hope one day there will be more.
  7. The most we're likely to get is a tamale scented burp ...
  8. dughlas

    Breathe deep

    He slipped off about the same time I started taking different meds for my migraines. I haven't taken those meds for years but it seems they had a lasting effect on my muse. Every once and awhile I try poking him with a stick. He opens one bleary eye just a bit then groans before rolling over and drifting away again.
  9. Well since I got a hug and kiss okay but now I really want rice pudding. BTW do you still have the long hair and scruff?
  10. Sawasdee Khrup Terry. We're okay though I am coping with day two of a migraine. It's unusally cold here, 20/-6.6° at dawn now at 10 am it's warmed to 24/-4.4°. There is even ice on the pond. We had an ice storm overnight Friday. All the trees, shrubs and roofs were coated. Fortunately the ground was warm enough it did not freeze on the street or sidewalks. Never got above freezing yesterday and remained overcast so this morning the trees are still glazed in ice. This morning the sky is clear so everything sparkles. It should all disappear today though as temps are to warm later.
  11. dughlas

    Breathe deep

    I see you've found those few words I've posted. Sadly my muse went to sleep shortly after and I've been unable to rouse him. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.
  12. dughlas

    They ran

    Thank you.
  13. dughlas


    Rage is like the crystals, a powerful tool when focused.
  14. We're expecting freezing rain here along the SC coast.
  15. Feel better, your herd needs you ... or, I could step in, you know anything to help. Besides I'm a safer choice than Clo, she gets handsy.
  16. dughlas

    CDMX • XV

    When I did annual reviews of my team members both my immediate director and HR reviewed them. I can't imagine trying to float a negative review of someone like CJ passed them. Wonder if Stephen really thought he could. I've decided to make a trip south, well further south, just to add green dye to his shampoo, no more ginger ...
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