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This is a coming of age story of a red headed boy growing up on 1970's Tulsa, Oklahoma who is discovering his sexuality.


Prequel story is about his initial promiscuity with a Hispanic boy at the YMCA swimming pool. 




Current story in progress is about the life changing friendship with a talented young musician who is unlike anyone he has ever met.




I would really like some feedback on this story. I hope you will tell me what you like and what you don't. The characters develop and mature in their relationship with their families and with each other. Although the story is fictional it is to some extant a genuine autobiography. I hope you will find it interesting and would love to engage in some discussion about it. 

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I have posted chapter 7 just now and hope you will take a look. 




This grew out of the very first story I ever wrote and published on Nifty in 1999 called YMCA Pool. It started out to be a simple jerk off story really, but took on a life of its own. When the character of Joseph was introduced it became much more serious and in this version I have made that part into a separate series. 

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I am currently catching up on the story and really enjoy it. The characters are fully developed and distinct which i find especially important in the serial format. From a purely personal standpoint, I don't need the graphics sex particularly when dealing with 14 year olds. I find that the intimacy can be covered without the blow by blow details. As well once established writing multiple sex scenes is very hard while holding the readers interest and given it abounds on the web. I find myself simply scrolling down to a point where the narrative continues. This is not out of prudishness but it is the other aspects of the story that are unique and captivating. Great job

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