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  1. Thanks, guys. I loved writing this story. I knew a blind fellow when I was in college and a few of the details of this story are factual. It took a good bit of research to be sure that the details were authentic. Having two editors who are blind in fact was a tremendous help. It amazed me that my college friend could be so independent while blind. I tried to carry his character into the story. The Ian of the story is fictional, of course, but is as I imagined my college friend would relate to a guy like Andrew. The romantic nature of Ian and Andrew's relationship was entirely fictional as we n
  2. Thank you Timothy. I loved writing this story and am pleased that you enjoyed it.
  3. Bunk beds because the room is small and provides space for a friend to sleepover.
  4. Thanks, Thorn. I knew when I posted that first chapter that it had three parts and there was more to the story. I'm glad I went back and finished it. Stories like this are really never over - there is always more to tell. But having them settled down together with their Labrador Retriever made a good stopping point. Thank you again for the encouragement.
  5. Thank you, Mikiesboy. Love is Blind is a better story because of the assistance of my editors. You gave me encouragement and steered me around some potholes.
  6. Thank you ObicanDecko. We can assume that life will continue to be challenging but that they will face it together- with Pepper's help. 😃
  7. For a gay couple to survive in 1960s Bible belt mean either relocating or maintaining a very low profile. Ian and Andrew chose to move to a less judgemental environment. This story could go on and on, but I wanted to follow them to the point where they had a bright future and leave the rest to the imagination of the reader. Surely they will have struggles as all couple do whether gay or straight, but I chose to leave them on a happy note.
  8. Love is Blind - 9 Copyright Nick Brady 2019. All rights reserved. ==========////=========== “We don't have to do the same job to work for the same company,” I pointed out. “We need to think about how we're going to do this. I can't bear the thought of being separated.” “There will be a way,” Ian smiled. “There has to be. We'll find a nice place and settle down, maybe buy a house and get a dog. We'll find a way.” Ian decided to take a break from summer classes and work full time during the summer. I worked at the lab and between us, we got by. Rather
  9. Andrew's story is my own. I never knew my father and was raised by a single mother. It's not ideal but it is what it is.
  10. That was an error on my part which I have since edited out. Sorry.
  11. Love is Blind - 8 Copyright Nick Brady 2019. All rights reserved. ==========////=========== My mother smiled and excused herself to start our Christmas dinner. I reached over and took Ian's hand. “I love you,” I said quietly. “I love you too. This is the nicest Christmas I ever had.” “The first of many, Ian. The first of many.” The smell of roasting turkey filled the air and our mouths were watering. It had been a long time since breakfast and we were very hungry. We wandered into the kitchen hoping for a sample. “Is there anything we could do to
  12. Well, that's what Andrew told his Mom.
  13. Nick Brady

    Chapter 1

    The truth is that while the setting is very accurate (I have lived in Tulsa for a long time), the story is 99% fiction. My life was never as interesting as this story. This was the first long story I wrote and used my pen name as the name of the lead character. In retrospect, I wish I had not as it has created some confusion. It is not autobiographical, although all writers use bits and pieces of their real experiences in the stories we write. Enjoy the story, but it's not really mine. I made it up. 😉
  14. Love is Blind - 7 Copyright Nick Brady 2019. All rights reserved. ==========////=========== I sat and thought for a minute. “One time I was struggling with something and my mother told me that when we have to make a tough decision, all we can do is to look at what options we have and try to pick the right one. We have to do the next right thing. What's the right thing for you, Ian?” Ian leaned his head back. “What are my options and what should I do? That's a good question.” I pulled Ian into a hug. “Maybe we should sleep on it.” We enrolled for
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