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  1. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 20

    Well, Drew found an activity to help him relinquish a little of his anger. Both arousal (the dildo) and embarrassment (the shower rod) have a way of achieving that. Maybe a little counselling would be easier and safer !!
  2. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 18

    Another moving and somewhat heartbreaking chapter. Cole is lucky to have Drew to help him process his feelings. Drew, on the the other hand, so far is keeping it all in and its starting to leak through the cracks in the form or anger and violence. Ohhh Nooo, only 4 more chapters!
  3. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 17

    Teo is such a good big bro and looking out for Drew. Love how you have realistically captured that Drew has a lot of anger emerging as he deals with his early life and all these new changes.The greatest sign that he is not his mother is that he knows to seek out his friends to help keep him on track. Dabeagle, I think that both you and Two would make good Pay-Ed teachers, you are thoughtful, entertaining and full of useful information on both practical and emotional levels
  4. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 16

    The boys had a long day that put them through the wringer in so many ways, some good, some not so good. It looks like they are building the tools to get them through the tough times and also the average and even mundane moments. Just lovin' this story !!
  5. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 15

    Interesting dialogue with Mrs. P. Talking doesn't magically solve everything but it's clear that avoiding the subject has made things worse in the past. A great step forward! Another great chapter, the group is SOOOOO sweet together.
  6. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 14

    I hope puppy is on the mend. Just catching up here, life got busy and I got behind a few chapter in this story as all of Dabeagles's great fans were madly reacting and commenting their approval. Great story, great team!
  7. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 13

    I'm lovin the complexity of the characters. For instance Keith can be basically a good guy (if over the the top) but still kind and thoughtful even as he deals with scars from his own past that make him sharp and caustic and a little selfish. Sounds like real people to me !!
  8. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 12

    A lovely chapter. I really enjoy these interludes that allow us (and the characters) to digest what has happened. The interplays between them are sweet and gives depth to their feelings and emotions.
  9. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 12

    All good things come in time, patience grasshopper.
  10. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 11

    Boy am I late to this party !! I saved the chapter till this am and already over 60 folks have reacted - a new land speed record. And what a chapter! I was figuring on the scene with Cole's mom (we all know the it would happen - nice foreshadowing Beagle) occurring there or four chapter from now. We are only halfway through this tale. I was blown off my feet. It's good to see Cole's dad keeping things calm and steady.
  11. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 10

    I really enjoy these chapters where the characters and their relationships just evolve. Its a perfect start to my day. Thanks Beagle for keeping them coming, it brightens up my day.
  12. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 10

    Very true, however my partner and i had to go through all those extra steps to have a child and I am sure that we are just as capable of screwing it up as heterosexual parents are. While many of us queers have kids because we truly want them, some unfortunately see it as a new status symbol and the nannies ensure that they never have to miss a white party.
  13. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 9

    This chapter really gets into the minds of teens. Its riveting even if Drew and Cole are just getting to know each other. They are just doing it in such a sweet and natural way. There may be no cliffhangers but Drew is certainly on an internal emotional roller coaster ride. Sweet!!
  14. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 8

    Beagle, you're like an evil dealer, you get us all hooked and then up the ante. Soon I'll have to resort to creating new profiles on this site just to provide the extra reactions. That would be wrong!! As always you take us in deep with your stories with many threads developing concurrently. That is so much more satisfying than a continuous cycle of cliff-hangers and resolutions. I can't wait to find out who Teo's love interest will be. I know that he likes older men but it better not be Cole's dad 😜
  15. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 6

    i loved how the tension in the chapter played out in the little things: the drive through window, Drew seeing Two waiting for him, the expectation of Alessa's reaction. These were far more powerful big explosions at this point in the story. Brilliant !!
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