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Underrated #7 - The Vamps

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While the 'Justin Bieber' train was taking off and going strong, every single young male pop star with a pretty face was instantly compared to his success and expected to follow suit. But there were a LOT of real talents that were, unfortunately, written off without being given a chance. This...is one of them...
While The Vamps have gained a notable amount of popularity over the past year or two, I still feel that they are WAY underrated in terms of how big they COULD be if more people were paying attention! Falling into that 'Goldilocks Zone' between the super cute pop appeal of One Direction, and the easily embraced substance and fun of Green Day...The Vamps should be KILLING the radio charts right now! They just always sound like they have so much *FUN* with their music! It's like everything they make forces me to smile and have fun too! Give them some love, will ya? Hehehe, don't take MY word for it! Listen for yourself!


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