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GFD Gets A Live Action Adaptation!!!

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What would a live action, movie version, of the vampire series, "Gone From Daylight" look like? Hehehe, have you ever thought about it?


Well, thanks to Alex Bright and his cinematic debut as a director...you now have an answer to that question! Check out the link below! And be sure to comment and support him with this ambitious project! Let him know that you love it! K? Comsie approved! Definitely! Enjoy!


https://www.dropbox.com/s/t61ttnvyj0of3up/GFD FINAL - UCF Screener Copy 01.mp4?dl=0

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Hehehehe....yeah, so...we BROKE it! LOL!


LOTS of GFD fans out there, and I thank you guys sooooo much for that! But, yeah...the traffic to the site for the video overloaded the space and the link broke! But, a possible fix is in the works and there might be another link added within the next few days if not sooner! K? Keep checking back if you didn't get a chance to see it yet! ((Hugz))

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