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Imagine Magazine is still accepting short stories for aspiring authors looking to have their work promoted and showcased for the masses! It's something I truly believe in, and if you're looking to gain a larger fanbase, I want to help! Cool?


BIG thanks to those of you who have sent stuff in for the January issue! We've got some really cool stories that surprised me! MasterM is our featured author for January, so interview questions are coming your way soon! And we are always accepting more exclusives from you guys! Add your sites, stories, social media info...and let's make superstars out of you all!


As for Imagine Magazine's short stories, I've written a BUNCH of them, to be released once a month, for the rest of 2018! These are the kind of stories that we're looking for:




Cool? Enjoy! Let me know what you think! And if you're interested of adding your two cents in, whenever the muse moves ya...drop me a line at Comicality@webtv.net! This has been MONTHS in the making, so jump in as soon as you can!


Now then, the new story! Hehehe, and let me get back to work! :P




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