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Starships and Starcharts

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Do you draw or sketch things up for your Sci-Fi worlds?  I do it all the time for my Fantasy stuff going back over 28 years... (still have all those kid sketches or the more artistic stuff from my friend who grew up to be a professional graphic artist)


I've fiddled around creating planets and what not, as some of the experiments are shown in the image gallery...





Do you do the same with Sci-Fi stuff where you're not limited to just a planet?


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No one?  I should take the time to scan some of my old stuff sometime.

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Sadly, I can't draw a stick figure to save my life. I have tremors in my hands. I've used a few of the free world map generators online, but they all turn out the same, 2d crappy looking design.


What program are you using above?

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