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I'm presently using Word 10 for my manuscripts. I've been looking to upgrade to Word 16, but after reviewing W16  I can't find any substantial difference.  From a writer's standpoint is it worth paying for the upgrade?

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I'm still using Word 2007. MS still updates it on every update for Win10, so I see no reason to change. If I did, I would either use Google Docs, or OpenOffice.

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i use 10 because it came with my laptop when i got it 8 years ago. It's fine for writing ... if i had to buy something new i'd likely go with the newer option.  But i'm not upgrading yet.

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The big benefit to 365is the online storage and access from any browser. 365 has less functionality than the last version I used, think it might have been 2012. My work has 365, and I had to get a local copy for some of the things I do.


If you are a student you can get 365 much cheaper. Look into their education program.

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