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  1. If you have the chance to watch the BBC show; TIme. It is not time wasted. Sean Bean and Stephen Graham star.. both are excellent. It's 3 parts and realistic and the acting and writing are both brilliant. Stephen Graham is such a great actor as is Sean Bean. If you'd to read more: Time
  2. Yeah caffeine headaches are awful. I drink less caffeine.. and sort of reduced it mixing some regular coffee with decaf. Maybe a slower withdrawal ? Sounds like you're most of the way there already. So that's good. I like spice myself but Michael is not as keen. So, I kind of make it Michael friendly and i can add heat for me if i want it.
  3. Changing your diet is hard. Michael went from from the beer/soda/candy/junkfood diet to the opposite in less than 24 hours. It wasn't easy at all for him. Most things can be substituted .. you need to change your expectations and learn to try new things. Eat less and healthier. I had reflux until they removed my gallbladder... i'd been on a zero fat diet for few weeks until then. Now that was fun. But it was preferable to the hours of agony. Still have to watch the amount of fat i eat. But there are choices. I hope your husband will try some new things or new versions of old fa
  4. aw, sounds like a great day ... i know the last part is sad, but at least they like to see you, want to see you. And hopefully soon you'll be able to have more mom/daughter days together. i hope everyone enjoyed the day! xo
  5. you get used to the mass confusion of everything...
  6. @Wayne Gray and @kbois After you write your story: Posting: Post your flash fiction in GA Stories, and post date it for June 21, 2021, 12:00 PM. I know this means that stories won't post all at the same time due to different time zones, but thats OK. I will do a blog post for the 22nd of June listing all of the entries. Next: Post the link to your flash fiction in the thread in Writer's Circle. Your story link MUST be posted in the thread prior to June 19th, 2021, 11:59 MST as the thread will automatically lock. If your story is not posted by that time it will not
  7. Sometimes people dont until nearly the last minute so they can make changes.
  8. i have this issue too ... i found using OneNote on Word to be useful for me. I can write a basic outline and then add pages for each chapter and add notes, reminders etc. as i go along. Most useful advice is to just write/practice everyday and read, read, read.
  9. i put some bread on ... we never made any at all last week..
  10. Yeah, i hope so too. News says he is awake, so that's good.
  11. Wow, watching the Euro's (soccer) with Michael today when suddenly Denmark's top midfielder collapsed. Like a stone. Players on both teams calling for help ... they worked on him for .. well it felt like forever. CPR and then electric shock to get him back. Horrible to watch. Just heard he's in hospital and stable for the moment. F'g freaked me out ... his poor wife was there.. god.
  12. i hope there will be cake! i really want cake... 🍰
  13. A wonderfully written story. You find yourself hoping Craig's life will improve but it's not looking good. Mawgrim takes us on a road trip most of us rather not end up on. Craig has come to accept life as it is but fate isn't yet finished with him. This piece definitely deserves a part two.
  14. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1

    A lovely gentle ride. You certainly could continue this story, there's a lot more to be told. i enjoyed it very much. Thanks.
  15. Mikiesboy


    Another lovely tale. Mmm, Pete is a law unto himself but his life is shared with Russell and it's an honest one. Sex is not love and Pete will always go home with his husband, who is the man he loves. I'd love to read more about Jake and Joe. It would be wonderful to watch Joe as he accepts himself. He may never be Pete ... but many of us aren't. And that's okay. Thanks for this Wayne.
  16. I started to listen to classical music to help my depression. My doc suggested it.. the station i listened to also played some opera.. that's where i first heard the The Pearl Fishers Duet. i find it helpful for reducing stress
  17. i guess that's pretty close to all the musical places like St Lawrence Centre and stuff.
  18. She's at Merchant's Wharf at the foot of Sherbourne St.
  19. Yes, writing anything short takes skills. Many don't have them. You need to be able to build a frame the reader can see and easily fill in. Good luck in the contest. If you want me to read it.. you can send it to me. I've written something, and think another author who shall remain wayneless may have too.
  20. Hmmm... well, some of you may not know, i am a fan of classical music and some opera. I was looking for something from Jonas Kaufmann .. and ran across this. i looked at it and thought, that's Toronto ... and it is, right downtown on the lakeshore. This wonderful soprano, Teiya Kasahara, who is queer, made 19 of these for people during COVID: And this duet is my favourite thing by these two and the one from Bryn Terfel and Andrea Bocelli as well. This is the Pearl Fishers Duet, the part of the opera where these two friends share what nearly drove them apart and the
  21. haha loved it ... showed it to Michael who said.. that's a hobbit villl.. wait those are mice! .. so cute..
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