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  1. Getting to the day was a road for us. i refused Michael the first time He asked. But i can't imagine life with anyone else. He is my anchor in this world i am often afraid of. You and SP will be happy together. It's you and he who matter on the Day. You have come so far. i remember your first blog and how sad you were. i am glad you had that because it let you have what you do now. You know what is important. All that matters in this world of avarice and grasping need, is really only love. Of each other and our family and friends. The rest is glitter. You have what matters with SP. Now you're choosing to marry, to say to the world, this is my love and my partner. How wonderful. i wish you both much love and peace together.
  2. i hope you all are okay .. i think about you all often.
  3. My favourite of the anthology offers. It's charming, sad and full of hope and love. It made me smirk a few times ... in a good way. Beautiful and well thought out. I enjoyed the blend of the older traditions and new technology. Thank you for all of the work you did here.
  4. This made me smile because my Husband is this person - out and doesn't care who knows it. Like this poem says, these people are happy to share their courage. It is a gift to some of us. Nice to see a poem in the anthology.
  5. Fairly sure other than the admins, i am the only one in this room who can boot anyone out. @Kitt you leave when you want to leave. if you have something to get out, share, scream about.. you do it. You've been my friend and supporter and you're welcome here always.
  6. It is an amazing work, a wonderful accomplishment. i am glad i have the opportunity to read this man's words. They are important. Thanks for the review, Parker.
  7. **** I gazed out my window this morning The maple tree in the fall Resembling itself at the start of spring Life goes on without me Trees grow, plants die Animals too, go on And my soul is weary I am tired The behaviour of those who are ‘leaders’ Sadden me And I wonder what can the future hold but more of the same. I have not the strength or desire to see it. ********
  8. A wonderful book of poems... waiting for the next xo
  9. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thanks for reading and for your comments, chris. I appreciate it.
  10. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thank You for reading these. i'm glad You have claimed the picture You see. xo
  11. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    i appreciate You reading my work, Sir. i'm grateful. Thank You.
  12. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thank you, Parker. There's is no need to envy me, but thanks. xo
  13. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thanks very much for reading these.
  14. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thank you, Jeffrey. I appreciate you reading.
  15. Mikiesboy

    Sunday Poems

    Thank you, Reader. You take care too xoxo
  16. 1. and then it's done - the day the tide's washed proof of us away sand weed was witness to love our secrets bound in its silence 2. you there, why do you slump? hands between your knees when you raise your head, i see your eyes filled with melancholy, an eternity of pain I don’t know you, but I know the hurt and anguish you carry I long to touch you Pain shared makes us stronger 3.
  17. Interesting and useful. Thanks.
  18. We live in an apartment and so only pay our hydro (electricity) usually its about $50/mth.. with a high of $85 in August. The other stuff is in our rent which is $1,265/mth + hydro.
  19. i would marry Him again, but i think maybe we'll just stay married, as we are. i think He'd agree it's just easier than getting divorced just to do it all again. i don't think either of us are into renewing vows, since we haven't forgotten the first ones yet.. He is always here for me. Hope everyone has a good week.
  20. We are just home from a wedding. Straight couple. It was lovely.. small but lovely. i was out with my wonderful Husband, who danced with me and just looked after me the whole evening. i'd marry Him again, in a heartbeat.
  21. you can do that ... i try not to use plastic and it's too loud and violent. i just like to be quiet for the most part i put cheerios in a plastic bag once and used the rolling pin ... it took ages .. should've just put them in the food processor
  22. Mikiesboy

    About Time

    These are timeless. Who among us has not felt this way or will not? You are not alone and you've pulled back the curtain we all shiver behind.
  23. A Thing What i Learned This Week: i like to bake i buy whole nut pieces cuz i'm cheap i hate cutting those whole pieces into small ones yesterday i thought what can i use to cut up all my pecan pieces? after a few minutes i thought ... yes, try that! one cup of nuts cut up in under 5 minutes.
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