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  1. Entertaining short story. Honest and well written. Definitely worth reading!
  2. Mikiesboy

    The Visitor

    Super. A very enjoyable, well written short story. Humorous, yet real ... rather like real life! After reading other comments, I'd like to say that while there are perhaps some negative comments made about the guest, don't most of us think things like that? We are human, and when annoyed we often think and say things that perhaps we shouldn't in our overly P.C. world. If we take the 'real' out of our writing we will end up with flat, uninteresting sludge. Writing should challenge us, and your piece did that. Thank you, I enjoyed this story.
  3. Mikiesboy


    Took a few tries to read this because of the subject matter and my personal issues. But it was very well done.
  4. i am glad for you. i too hope you will be able to visit. all the best xoox
  5. Mikiesboy

    Finding Joy

    A wonderful story. This has an Alice in Wonderland feel to me during the dream sequences. You bring us this couple's happiness and sadness but most importantly their love and connection during very hard times. I enjoyed reading this very much.
  6. Michael listened to this earlier on his phone and told me about it. Wow what a wonderful piece... i love their voices truly beautiful. Thanks AC.
  7. A beautiful story of hope, dreams and love. A wonderful must read story.
  8. Mikiesboy

    Just for Fun

    Christopher is not a sympathetic character, at least not yet. He mopes because of a choice seemingly made by himself. Then he follows Tad around like some creepy ex stalker. Nate is a douche bag. Tad is too hurt still to be doing much of anything.
  9. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thanks for reading this, molly. i am glad you enjoyed this and that it did not disappoint.
  10. Mikiesboy

    Gay Elephant

    That is excellent!!!
  11. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    i'd agree with that ... rather like a mom saying to their kid, "Be good or i will tell Santa you've been naughty." i'd be good if threatened with no presents at Christmas.
  12. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thanks very much Reader. I appreciate your comments and your support. xxoxo
  13. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    i still wonder why anyone chooses to believe. Do i hope? No ... If there was a God, he and my father were the same, both of them treated me with the same disdain. Again, i ask the question, "How can any father allow what happened to me to happen to their innocent child?" No decent man would allow it. This is just a story, it is not me looking for any sort of so-called truth. i know you believe ... and i love and respect you. I respected the hospital chaplain who helped me and i respect ministers like the one that MacGreg Sir describes. There are good people in the world ... if they choose to say it's because of God, well that is their choice. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and your love. Both mean a lot to me. xo
  14. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    As long as we stay pleasant and respectful.. i'm fine with that.
  15. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    You are right, imo. Religion has much to answer for.
  16. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Excellent quote, A! Thank you for sharing that.
  17. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    I remember getting caned at primary school for suggesting in class one day that, if God really did make everything, then he must have made evil as well as good. I reckon I was just a little too naïve at times; I thought school was supposed to include teaching us to think for ourselves. Right? .. how can mere humans interpret the word of God? Oh wait, they did and we called it the Bible.
  18. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    There are lots of stories out there ... each interesting. I feel, that if God (assuming there is one) has a message he could do a better job in delivering it. Sharing it with humans to record was not the best of ways, imo. Thanks, Thorn!
  19. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thank You, Sir. Your questions and feedback were excellent. i don't think i answered them but they made me think also. Writing this and reading is quite emotional because of my upbringing in the Church. But the Bible is written by men, so imperfect and open to many different interpretations, ideas and theories. This is just me thinking about what i've read. Thanks again for Your help, input and feedback, Sir.
  20. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thanks, Wayne. I appreciate you choosing to read and comment on this piece. Many of us were raised in families with strong religious beliefs where being Gay was/is unacceptable. Many of us lose our homes, families and sometimes ourselves because of it. My question remains: What father can allow this to happen to his children? To me, when my father threw me out of the house, the answer was: "Any of them. Including God, Himself."
  21. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    When you are raised in any Church, it is hard to un-believe.
  22. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thank you, chris! I appreciate you choosing to read and comment on thi s short piece!! xo
  23. Mikiesboy

    Of God and Angels

    Thank You, Michael. i do not believe, yet, there are always small doubts. These leave me open to explore. xo
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