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How LGBT friendly is Canada?

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Reposting it from another gay forum I visit:


I was born and raised up in Bangladesh, which is as homophobic and religious and conservative a country as you could hope. Now I'm moving out to Canada to study. Hopefully will try to do PR and settle there.

Now my question is ... How gay friendly is Canada? Am I taking the right step? As per my research, Canada is quite gay friendly, it stands at number 3 after Sweden and England for lgbt rights issue. Though I understand it differs from cities to cities. I am going to Ottowa (in Ontario) - does anyone have any personal experience with it?

Legal rights are all there , but more needed is social acceptance. Can I come out easily to anyone? What's the chance of finding a bar or bathhouse etc? Chance of finding a relationship? Can I eat out / hang out / stay in same flat with another man in public without fear of discrimination or bullying?

Looking forward to the life I always wanted but never had.

Thanks (please be positive -- even if the answers are negative, try to put it in a positive way).



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Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are all pretty gay-friendly places.  I don't know a lot about Ottawa, but Toronto is certainly. You can do some research online but Ottawa is a pretty quiet town, but you are not all that far from Montreal and Toronto. Try looking at the gay info online ... there is a lot of it. My husband and i walk out in public all the time holding hands and the odd kiss, without worry.

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I live in the other CA (California), but I know they hosted Gay Games ’90 in Vancouver, BC (I was there). A Gay, now former-Member of Parliament was very visible at the Games. And don’t forget that their sexy young Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau marched in an LGBTQ Pride Parade!  ;–)

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