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  1. Ruel and Benicio are very good singers and talented too.
  2. Stefan Benz is a good singer and very talented.
  3. wow... nice thread with some talented people there ... literally "spent" 3 hours going through the thread ... some talented singers mentioned here.
  4. Teenagers are the group most vulnerable to homophobic attacks. They are still young, confused with their sexuality, and totally at loss as to how to cope with their sexuality. Youtube movies about teenage gay characters will actually give them a way to deal with their sexuality, make them realize their sexuality is a lot more acceptable and common. So I don't get why youtube would be banning them -- if anything youtube should be making them more accessible.
  5. Am I the only one who sees a facial resemblance between Pim of North Sea Texas and Stefan Benz
  6. He reminds me of Pim from North sea texas ... similar facial features. Has anyone seen that movie?
  7. RIGHT! 😉 Would you believe it, I watched the first video thrice without even realizing to turn the sound on? I was so transfixed by his face I didn't even realize I'd it in mute, hehe. He has a beautiful voice though, but the face alone took all my attention. do I feel a fluttery sensation and my heart pounding ... and something else too. 😉
  8. Holly molly ... and who can blame you for that? He is indeed a fine handsome lad. <3 Beautiful voice and an even more beautiful face.
  9. Things should always be concise and precise. Meaningless details that don't contribute meaningfully to the story should be discarded. We don't need to know every little detail -- sure if they add to the plot, helps in developing the characters, or provide information, or add to the tone/mood of the story, or is amusing, then fine. But useless details that don't add any value to a story, but only put because the writer thought of it, should be discarded.
  10. Responding to the edited comment: It was meant to be chapter one of a novel ... but at this pace, it might take 100 years to finish this off, lol. I was ignoring it, not finding creativity or words to add, and this chapter had remained for years in this form without me adding anything else to it. So I thought, why not just add a twist/climax, and just turn this into a short story instead? That's what I did. Maybe somedays I will continue it... let's see.
  11. Thank you soo much for the kind words and giving the first like too! Actually it's a short story, and that's ... all. I know the ending is abrupt but that was intentional, ya know. I want to keep the ambiguity so readers can make their own interpretation about what happened and what is going to happen afterwards...
  12. [1] "You sure you don’t need any help?” Nick asked the passerby for the second time, only to be greeted by the same blank look and obtrusive silence. The boy shivered at his question, as though human sound was alien to him. Nick took a long, deep puff and held the smoke inside, burning hot and suffocating him. He then threw the burning cigarette into the ground, where the snow extinguished the last remaining source of light left in this part of the world. Holding his breath, Nick
  13. Two strangers. One night. A dead deer. A million snowflakes. And the profound darkness. They all tell their stories, through their words, sighs and silences. Newly arrived in town, a naïve young boy loses his way on a cold December night. When a stranger offers him a ride home, will he take it or pass it away? Can a single night change the course of a lifetime? Come, experience a once-in-a-lifetime tour into a dark abyss, where the only thing that shines is love.
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