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Looking for a story I read years ago please help

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I’ll get right to it since I’ve been dying to find and read this story again. 

I read it on Nifty

It had multiple chapters/parts 

it was about this guy (forgot his name) who was bullied or just treated unfairly when he was younger or just in school and he finds this spell /potion thing that hep him control the people that used to abuse him. I think he went to college at some point. He turned people into sex slaves basically with some type of magic or potion. 

I don’t even know if this is the correct place to post to when searching for a story, I just joined today. I’ve been looking for this story for a few days and I’m desperate haha

i hope someone know the story I’m talking about!🥺

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I’ve finally found it!! 🥳

It’s called The Craft and is under the categories Sf-fantasy, authoritarian, and college on Nifty if anyone else was interested 😊

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