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Editor / Beta / help wanted :)

Sam Wyer

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I know, like so may other people, I would very much appreciate some help.  But I do this for someone else, so I'm hoping that I can get a bit for myself.  It's been a while (OK, way too long) since I put anything new out, so now I'm determined to change that.  I have, as always, too many half finished stories, but I've chosen one or two to progress and I'd like to get something put out fairly soon. I know it's not ideal, but I'll still be finishing the story by the time I start posting if I go ahead at this time, but if I don't then I fear that I never will.

Option 1) Is a relatively complicated young guy, trying to find a way through life and love.  He has some notable mental health issues, so if you're going to be easily triggered by this, perhaps approach with caution.  It's the longer of the two options here, currently approx. 35k but probably running to 60k when completed (that's a bit of a guess)

Option 2) A shorter story (around 25k when completed) about a drummer who misses what is right in front of him whilst pursuing an ultimately unsuccessful holiday fling

In both cases, there are ultimately love stories, because I'm apparently a sappy kind of guy :) 

Please have a look at my other work, so that you get some sense of my style, and let me know if you're interested and able to help. 

Thanks (I hope)


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