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SOLD! :)


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Now, I definitely LOVE Stephen King and all of the stories that he puts out there! And, even more, I love when all of his fictional characters kinda crossover and meet up in the same space! Coolest thing ever! But...I will admit that I was not a big fan of season one of 'Castle Rock'. I tried it out, but it got a little weird for my tastes.


Season two? Whoah! Is that an older, post-Shawshank, Andy Dufrane??? And a younger version of Annie from 'Misery'??? AND he's weaving in the vampire cult from 'Salem's Lot'??? NOW I've GOT to see this!!!! I can't pass it up! It's too much! LOL!Those are some of Stephen King's greatest characters ever!

DANGIT!!! He got me again!



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